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Video Transcript
Less than a minute Connor McGregor announces his return with about as many style points as you could produce. he broke his nose on his shoulder pointed to his shoulder. He show him what he did that. Yeah. Wow. unbelievable. that's crazy. look at his nose. I mean that is insane. his nose started bleeding immediately from that shoulder strike. this explosive movements in the clinch slammed his shoulder. Over in the Cowboys nose and that started the beginning of the end, Yeah, because the left hand didn't even land he sucked under it. he ducked under left hamstring cowboy clinch with him and he just I mean we've never seen that before we've seen guys show those throw those shoulders strikes, but never do anything with it. not like this. That's crazy, let's look at it again. I mean I need to see that again with mountains of pressure Joe on his shoulders every time he walks and competes. Again, McGregor stretch to talk the octagon drink by that flag of Ireland. He does it again. He feeds off pressure. He fights better off pressure. then than anyone I've ever seen. I mean he rises to the occasion as good as anybody that's ever fought in the sport before and you see a horse who was just chomping at the bit. Yes, he's like, please give me my Red panties now please this.
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