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Video Transcript
The first weapon attention technique we're gonna use. it's my favorite. I use it as a sweep as submission goes into a straight arm lock into a head artichoke and jiu jitsu is called the Kamora so holsters are awesome retention, holsters or even better and but then having the tip technique to keep your gun. If you are gonna carry gun, you have to have the discipline and it's implied responsibility that you have the technique to be able to. Your gun so. Is real simple if they move to move something from your waist, your gun or your knife. you're gonna do is lock that thing in place. So if he reaches for the gun, you're gonna lock it exactly where it is gonna slam it down as hard as you can with all of your strength cuz that's a really important thing next year. Do is you're gonna sit up as high as you can bring your chest up and over his arm. So I put my foot on the ground. I lean up. I kinda push off my elbow all the way up drinking myself over his arm and this hand. Slide underneath his tricep in his bicep and grabs your own wrist. Let me see that so this hand comes just like the bump sweep where I'd be going this way. instead of bumping up and over I get here, I can still bump sweep. That's awesome. I do bump sweep from here and I keep the arm and then I tear the arm off. So once we're here, I'm gonna lean back and Imma move my hips out the most important thing about this. once you have this locked arm locked in is to move your hips out. Okay windshield my hips around and I take this leg. Put over his back so we can't get away now if he goes for your gun, he never gets to use his arm again ever. Alright. I'mma take this arm up and off and here I'm gonna break his shoulder, then his elbow his wrist strap. The snap and his radius in owner will snap as I go around. I have done this to somebody before when they're trying to take something off of my body armor and I broke. Cheekbone their jaw most the teeth on the same side of their face their shoulder, their elbow, their wrist and both of their forearm bones are raising the owner in about a half a second, so the action part is really violent. So as I get here and I pull his shoulder out this way and then up towards the back of his head. I'm keeping everything tight structurally in his arm. The looser this is look how much movement there is in his arm right, but if I get this really. And now I start that's all there is and there's a tap. So when I do this, I'm not going a slow application. I'm taking this right about here and then I go all the way pass his head. He pulling it out as hard as I can and drive it up as hard as I can and I'm going right back in controlling my gun. So here it is again. You lock it in place same side push it down as hard as you can. We have a retention holster trust in it and drive it into the holster. Bring my chest up and over arm laces through lock your hands. sit back down now. Look at my hips. I'm kinda like shrimping hurt my hip shrimp. My hip ship. my hip leg goes over the back drops down so they can't hop out put pressure on. The arm this way and then start driving the hand towards the back of the head. Now if this leg isn't here, he could just step or roll over this out and he's on top of me. If this foot isn't locking into the hip or locking into my own foot, he can just step on top of it right here and then straight arm out and take my back. So it's important that both of these legs stay actively involved in be tearing his arm off. so as I get here and I start moving my hips out move my hips up. I'm blocking him in place with my feet and my legs to keep him in this position now as I do this submission if he if he wants to roll over and go into the top and I get to ride with him. I'll do it but Imma tear off in the process.