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food was extremly it
'food was extremly it'
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Had tried unlimited food was mind blowing concept for veg and no veg u can enjoy a lot in unllimited
I had this place long time in the back of my mind,being a foodie!!Yesterday I got the chance to have... buffet there,with a friend of mine & it met almost all my expectations of having fine exquisite mexican dishes!!Awesome food,Cool Ambience,Good Service & Hospitality ,the only minus we could say is the price is a bit high.But still having unlimited dishes in the menu was worth it.Started with a soup,then quesadillas,tortillos,fajitas,pescados ,pastas followed & signed off with an anniversary special Chocolate Mousse!!Mr.Nuthan ,one of the chief steward,was of great help ,expliaining us the ingredients & what to order!!Its a wonderful experience having truly exquisite mexican should try once!!you will enjoy it..:) All the best ..Guys!! See More