Are there fees for donations made on Facebook?
We cover all fees for donations made on Facebook to charitable organizations. For personal fundraisers, payment processing fees are deducted and, in some countries, additional taxes when the money raised is distributed.
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Donations to Charitable Organizations
This information applies to donations made to nonprofits in countries where charitable organizations are eligible to raise money on Facebook. Learn more about the countries where charitable organizations can raise money on Facebook.
Donation MethodProcessing fees
Donate button on the Facebook Payments platform.No fees.
Fundraiser on Facebook.No fees.
Donations to Personal Fundraisers
The fees charged for personal fundraisers on Facebook vary based on the country where the creator of the fundraiser is located. These fees cover payment processing and in some countries, a portion of the fees include additional taxes.
CountryFee Amount
Australia1.77% + $0.33 AUD
Austria1.50% + €0.30
Belgium1.51% + €0.30
Canada2.60% + $0.30 CAD
Finland1.55% + €0.31
France1.50% + €0.30
Germany1.49% + €0.30
Ireland1.54% + €0.31
Italy1.53% + €0.31
Luxembourg1.46% + €0.29
Netherlands1.51% + €0.30
New Zealand2.99% + $0.35 NZD
Portugal1.54% + €0.31
Spain1.51% + €0.30
Sweden1.56% + 3.04 SEK
United Kingdom1.50% + £0.24
United States2.60% + $0.30 USD
You can find more information in our Personal Fundraiser Terms.
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