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Amsterdam Mamas group

Building a group means always having somewhere to turn to with people who understand what you're going through.

11选5开户Emmy McCarthy

11选5开户The YesTribe group

This group has made me believe in myself and helped me find the family I didn't even know I needed.

11选5开户Dave Cornthwaite

Girl Gone International group

Groups give me a sense of belonging no matter where I am in the world.

Anne Scott

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Women Who Travel
Welcome to Conde Nast Traveler's Women Who Travel group, a place where all self-identifying female travel lovers can join in conversation about what it means to travel as a woman today. Community Guidelines:DO engage with the community, share and comment on posts, and tag your friends!DO ask questions and give answers to other group members—but please be respectful of our differing opinions on the world.DO stay on topic: This is a group about travel, so let's talk all things travel!DO use the ‘search’ bar on the left before asking for travel tips: duplicate threads may be deleted!DO lift other women up––we encourage positivity!NO spam.NO advertisements: all posts advertising items for sale, personal businesses, and travel agencies will be deleted and posters will be removed.* NO soliciting. NO hate speech: Bullying other group members will not be tolerated and offenders will be removed from the group. Harassment of a group moderator or member, even outside of the group, will lead to being blocked. If you experience bullying, please contact Facebook directly. *The ONLY two exceptions to no advertisements: 1. As Condé Nast Traveler, the admin account for this group, we will sometimes post about Women Who Travel meetups, trips, and podcast episodes. We have developed these for this group, and will share them here. 2.) There are three dedicated threads in this group that will act as our community bulletin boards. One is for sharing volunteer opportunities, one is for sharing your social media handles (personal only), and one is for sharing your travel blogs (travel only, please!). These are the only places you may promote these items in the group. Use the search bar to locate them. Please help us keep this space safe: report any posts that violate these community guidelines using the 'report' feature alongside comments and posts. Direct messages to moderators will not be responded to. If you start a thread, you will always have the power to turn off comments, hide responses, and delete the post if need be. If something violates Facebook's community guidelines, you should report posts directly to Facebook.(Please keep in mind that the moderators are only online during normal business hours from 10am-5pm EST, Monday-Friday. Please use self-moderating tips above during on and off hours.) Continue the conversation with us every week on our Women Who Travel Podcast, hosted by moderators Meredith and Lale: more stories about female travelers on our site: joining this group, you agree to these community guidelines.
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Female Travel Buddies
Instagram: Ladies Travel Group: Do It Yourself StyleI think what could be very unique about this group is it doesn't just involve expensive organized group trips. You can post your plans individually or collectively. ** * Use it like a bulletin board.***Piece it together as you go and let everyone know, as you're putting it together. A travel buddy can jump on board early in the process. Sometimes you just can't afford $2500-$5000 for a trip or you just want to go right now, instead of saving and waiting a year for the next big trip. Also, it's pretty cool to just be able to say "Hey, I'll be here on(date). Anyone interested?" Or post a great deal you find and see who else wants to go.Welcome Everyone! Invite your like-minded travel friends and post those ideas!This group is primarily to meet treavel partners, not free advertisement. please see below:🛑PROFILE PICTURE REQUIRED 🛑Enter at your own risk. Admin takes no responsibility for any potential danger or compromise of safety or monetary loss as the result of your posts or responses to other's posts🛑If you are a travel agent, promoter, marketer, sales rep, etc- please do not solicit or friend request our members! You will be deleted!🛑Do not promote or refer to travel agencies🛑Group is to meet travel buddies not promote solo travel 🛑This is a travel group, not local meet up group for you to meet people in your own hometown.🛑Blocked/Restricted profiles will be rejected🛑 There must be visible pictures of YOU🛑Do not promote any other travel group or other TRAVEL GROUP'S TRIPS.🛑Do not post anything NOT travel related.🛑Do not post anything that promotes a business.🛑Do not post anything related to MLM and network marketing opportunities.🛑Do not post anything related to travel clubs.🛑Do not post any offers or free giveaways.🛑 FTBs has the right to share your pictures And pictures and video including you on FB and IG🛑Do not promote your brand, YouTube channel, Blog, GoFundMe, Instagram, etc.
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Girls LOVE Getting Paid While They Travel!
Girls with a passion for travel can come here to share traveling tips and tricks, post their adventures, build community, and learn how to make a living while living their dreams!! Please no MLMs in this group :) Nothing against them, it's just that most of us are not looking to join one! MLM posts will be removed, as well as spammy posts and comments. I want the group to stay fun and engaging for everyone!Questions? Please direct questions, comments, tags, reports, etc to our Facebook page Kūlana! All admins have access to this page so your messages can be answered most efficiently :)Here are some rules and tips for posting in this group! Please DON'T post:• Commercial type posts promoting your business. See below for more info!• Self promotion and Instagram pods. From time to time, we will have official group Instagram pods so we can all grow together! Too many pods start to spam up the feed. • Copy and pasted comments into multiple threads.• Links to or promotions of outside groups.• MLM posts and spammy looking posts will be removed. This group needs to stay super fun, engaging, and helpful for everyone!! <3• Don’t post job opportunities or things alike that doesn’t include the companies name Please DO post:• Travel tips! Traveling on a budget, where to stay, what to do, etc.• Questions and ideas for working while you travel!• Adventure pictures!! If you're on a trip, share it! :) Let's inspire each other to travel more!• Articles, videos, and other cool travel things you find!• Questions about travel, how tor seeking travel advice!If you break the rules, you may be removed without warning or explanation.We want to make sure that this group stays positive, uplifting, helpful, and fun for us all to connect and share in! Thanks so much for sharing your adventures and travel tips here, I love our little growing community!! Please be kind and inspiring in your posts and comments!! This community is a place for all of us travel-minded girls to help each other take on our dreams! :)If you would like to promote your company as a remote opportunity with designated posts within the group, please contact our business development department. 2142889654dpemberton@inclineme.comIf you would like to partner with Kūlana to allow our ambassadors to rep your products or company online, please email kulanaco@inclineme.comWe are so excited to continue growing and sharing with girls who share our passion! Love how we can all connect and share together from all around the world!!
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Walt Disney World Tips, News and Fun Facts
Presented by Mouse Counselors - Offering FREE Disney Trip Planning ( to Disney World soon? Just been? Share your best tips for successful park touring here! Happy Touring!Mouse Counselors specializes in helping you to create magical memories during your Disney vacations! We provide premium services for a magical vacation at NO ADDED COST TO YOU!! We are committed to handling your vacation as if it were our own! • Free Guest Services - Itinerary planning, dining reservations, activity arrangements & group services. We're there at every step. • Price Protection - We will continue to check for discounts and will pro-actively apply any savings for which your booking will qualify. • Tips & Resources - We have personally experienced the resorts, packages, restaurants, etc. and are thrilled to share our knowledge and reference materials with you so you can make the most out of your trip. • Our travel agency’s knowledge of Disney products has earned us the distinction of being named an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. We were given this special designation by Disney as a result of our agency’s ongoing focus and commitment to planning customized, magical trips to the Disney Parks, Disney Cruise Line® and other Disney vacation destinations worldwide. • Contact us at or (800) 936-3183 to start planning your next trip! You can also visit us at for a free, no-obligation quote!
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Buy and Sell
Northern Virginia Online Yard Sale
** IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY **This doc outlines the rules for this group. I do not like doing this, but I have to implement some rules in order to maintain order and keep this group for what it was intended for. I may add to this list if necessary in the future.1. This site is for the sale of household items ONLY. Please do not advertise home-based businesses or any businesses for that matter. There is a Home Based Business group on FB for that. Thank you. If I see those types of posts on here I will remove them. If I see them a second time, you will be removed from the group.2. This is NOT an auction site, so please no bidding wars on any items. Also, moving forward, NO PMs will be allowed when initially bidding on an item. It is not fair to those who commented on the item and thought they were first in line. IF you are interested in an item, please comment on that item publicly (on the post or pic). You can then PM the seller and make them an offer, arrange for pickup, etc.3. Please do not use profanity or abusive language towards another member. This will not be tolerated and any member who violates this will be removed from the group.4. Selling cats or dogs is no longer allowed on NVOYS. If you are wanting to give a dog or cat away to a good home for FREE, that is fine. 5. If you make plans to meet someone for an item, be considerate. If you cannot make it or just don't want it anymore please, message, call or text them to let them know. But, by all means possible do not stand them up. If its a mistake contact them and make other arrangements. You will be deleted and banned from the site.Thank you,Admin
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Buy and Sell
Fairfax county va yardsale
This group is made to provide the opportunity for members to sell their belongings on an expedited basis and offers a safer option then craigslist etc. This group also provides a less time consuming option as opposed to yardsales, etc.Please abide by the rules and regulations of this group as follows:Edit: this site will not allow the promotion of buisnesses and weight loss stuff excepts on Saturdays. If you are a business selling stuff that is totally fine. If you are selling weight loss/diet items or classes that is fine. Selling or promoting classes is fine. Buisnesses can put websites with prices on this page. Must be selling items or an item. giving stuff away for free no catch . this is a yard sale site you meet the person selling the item they do not come to you unless you work it out with them. People who are individual consultants selling there item are free to do so whenever. One post about it and can bump once a day.*no returns after item is bought*if you are reported as a no-show more then 3 times by someone you will be removed from group *business listings are allowed.*All ads must include pictures of your items, price and location for pick up. *You are responsible for removing pictures of items once they sell. * Only bump your item once every 24 hours in order to provide a clutter free wall.*Repitative violations of aforementioned rules and regulations will result in the termination of your membership in this group.*By no means will Drama of any kind be tolerated. We are all old enough to know how to control our selves. *Please feel free to seek help from an admin in regards to any situation that you feel is drama related. *Report all no shows to an admin *If you have any questions or concerns please send a personal message to an admin of the page. Thank you and happy shopping!!!
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Buy and Sell
Fairfax County Va online yard sale
Fairfax County VA Yard Sale site is a closed group that is a community of facebook members looking to either sell or purchase items within Fairfax County boundaries. Items are sold to the first to post interested followed by back-ups, in order - unless "First to pick-up" is noted on the original post.All posts must include:* Description* Price, per item* Condition* Pick Up location (PU)* if smoke free / pet free or friendly (SFPF)* if Cross Posted (xposted)* if selling to "First to pick-up"* Car seats must include expiration datesPlease delete your posts once PU.All posts over 30 days with no activity will be deleted.Utilize "album" or multiple pictures in one post instead of a new post for each item being sold.Bump posts - ONCE IN 48 HOURSTo become a member:The "lives" within facebook must have a Fairfax County address. Please let your friends know to update their profiles to include this.Not permitted:- Drama/harassment will not be tolerated and will result in your removal.- NO business ads- NO "piggy backing" on someone's post. Create your own post. Piggybacking means to add your own item for sale in someone else's post or to put an ISO on someone else's post.- NO ANIMAL SALES OR ADOPTIONS.- NO fundraising (Go Fund Me, for give away, etc)- NO real estate sales or rentals.- NO vehicle sales- Knockoff items (purses etc.) SAFETYDo not post meeting site/times or your phone number on the group feed. Send this information via PM. CONCERNSPlease contact an Admin. through private message only.BUMP--bumps your item to the top of the feedPM----Private message be sure to check OTHER folder.BU---BACK UP when someone has expressed interested before you and you would like to be next in line PPU---Pending PickupSA~Still AvailableEUC---- excellent used conditionGUC-----good used conditionNWT---- new with tagsNWOT-----new without tagsOBO---Or best offer
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Stock Trading
Welcome to Stock Trading, the largest group on Facebook for discussion and education on everything stocks. Currently in a restricting phase, we are doing everything that we can to heighten your experience within the group. In the meantime, we hope that you are able to give back just as much as you take, in order to make us all better traders! Looking forward to it and good luck all!DISCLAIMER: Any content found here within, including, but not limited to: comments, links, data, or advice expressed in this group by all members should be taken as opinion for informational purposes only and they do not constitute a solicitation, legal, investing, trading, or financial advice. Unless otherwise specified, comments and opinions expressed in this forum represent an individual's opinion and not that of any employer or organization.1. Do your own researchAs is made clear in the disclaimer; the comments, data, or advice expressed in this group, by all members, should be taken as opinion for informational purposes only. These opinions they do not constitute a solicitation, legal, investing, trading, or financial advice. Comments represent an individual's opinion and not that of any employer.2. No Self Promotion or advertisingThis group is not made for those seeking attention, but rather to work as a community. Please do not: Share your blog posts, accounts, business pages, live videos, personal websites, etc. This includes trying to PM members, which will also not be tolerated if discovered. If you would like to do any sort of promotion it must first go through the moderators/admins of the page.3. No PoliticsWhile the markets and politics sometimes do go hand in hand, if the post is political in nature it will be removed. So before you post, ask yourself, “Am I posting this to create value? Or am I just trying to stir the pot on politics and start a flame war?” If you find yourself realizing it is the latter, don’t post it.4. Be ProfessionalWe’re all here to learn, and in order to do that we need to foster healthy/mature conversation. Do not name call, attack, make fun of others lack of knowledge, racist remarks, etc. You should be focusing on your own growth and helping others grow too, not putting them down. It seems silly to have this rule, but we all know it happens!This also means to keep your posting professional. Avoid walls of text, broken links, or non structured thoughts, when and if you can. Make it look good!5. Stay Stock RelatedDo not post anything non related to stock market or stock trading, including, but not limited to forex, crypto currencies, etc.
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Empowering Women In Real Estate
Welcome to Empowering Women in Real Estate! This group is for women who are either IN (realtors, lenders, title company) the real estate industry or SUPPORT (assistants, stagers, etc) the real estate industry.This is a positive, supportive space! Please share:-Experiences.-Questions for advice, best practices, motivation.-Referral needs ... we have members from all over the country!-Job opportunities (be sure to clearly state location).Please DO NOT share:-Broker's opens.-Open houses.-Listings and buyer/renter needs.-Personal promotion of services available (responses to posts requesting services are helpful and welcome).-No selling or recruiting.-Promotion of products, courses, training, webinars, other blogs, podcasts, etc. Thank you!Karen W. CooperFounder, Empowering Women In Real EstateAssociate Broker, Pearson Smith RealtyOwner, Platinum Group Real Estate TeamEmpowering Women In Real Estate was founded in July 2014 by a realtor/broker who was craving a safe place to share ideas and challenges. A place for inspiration and motivation. A place to help one another work towards a balance between personal and business life. A place to grown and learn, as consistent education is the path to growth and continued success. Most of all, this is a place to empower women in the real estate industry ... empowering you to set and reach your goals, to dream big, to help others, to be your best self. To help ordinary women to do extraordinary things!
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Women Entrepreneurs for "Self-Sufficiency"
Women Entrepreneurs for Self Sufficiency was created to encourage and support women with becoming self-sufficient by networking, supporting each other and investing in our future.Welcome ladies, we’re in the process of making a change for our group. I believe we started out back in 2014, if I’m not mistaken. In a few months we’ll be in the year of 2020. Let’s make this coming year and the years to come some of the most awesome years . I put this group together with the hopes of Networking, not only posting personal business post, but to support each other, converse, exchange information ℹ️, and work together, etc. Why should we be just another Fb group, when there’s so many of them floating around?Being different, unique, and with a sound plan, something that’ll make a great difference in our lives, our children’s lives and their future. We gotta think about the generation to come. Let’s make our children our main priority.It’s good to have businesses, but we must think on a higher level. We have to make a way for our future generation (children), because no one else will. Let’s use this platform to network, and come up with ways to make our future not only thinking of ourselves, but for our children too as well. From time to time, I will post a few good pointers, we will get together, network and try an come up with ways to become better self sufficient.Our kids, they are counting on us.* We'll pull together our resources * Prioritize our children, young adults, etc.* Support Sisterhood* Economic development, etc.* Empowerment of the women* Network * And much much more......,**We MUST respect all members and their beliefs by focusing on self-sufficiency and BUSINESS. All religious post will be removed. We want everyone to feel comfortable with their own personal beliefs. We believe that women of various beliefs and religious backgrounds should be able to network and interact successfully.****No spamming the groups timeline with business advertisements; doing so will result in removal from the group. While we do wish all members MUCH success, we cannot allow constant business promotions to be posted throughout the day. We want members to also be able to view important content posted regarding growth, advice, networking, discussions etc. however it is VERY hard to view such information with promos plastered all over the timeline. Please limit business promotions to once daily. In the very near future we will create posts every other day to be used specifically for advertising your business and/or products where you may list your company ads/promos, facebook like pages, websites, contact information etc. Thank you so much!**
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Cake Faced
Welcome to Cake Faced. Bring your blending brushes, your tea, and watch the show. 🎂💄 Your favorite non average makeup & beauty group you’ve all heard about. From tattoos to skincare, fashion & health, we’ve got it covered. ADMINS: •Marah Riddick•Eve Gray•Linni Rutledge•Zoë Lynn McGrath•Sam Bustos•Morgan Valdez•Katlyn Pollard•Rachel Harris•Victoria Christine •Bailey Camille Schuring •Lauren GodwinMODS: •Becca Lynn Dandy •Sean Valentine Mahoney Harvey•Amira Šehić•Ashley RothIf you have ANY questions/concerns do not hesitate to message any of us, we're all here to help!Our weekly challenges and topics as followed:Monday: Makeup Challenge Monday! On this day a new 'challenge' will be created and you'll have all week to participate. Let's get as fun and creative as possible!Tuesday: Tuesday Tea. This day is dedicated to talking about whatever you like/venting/ranting/ without being confined to only beauty. Wednesday: Business: Pro MUA's, Social Media threads, small business owners, etc! Feel free to promote yourself and what you do!Thursday: Throwback Thursday, always a classic! Show us your glow up- we've all been there! Friday: Fitness Friday’s! From nutrition & health, transformations, working out, etc. Fitness threads are also welcomed!This is NOT your average makeup page. When things get out of hand tag SEVERAL admins and report the post as the more notifications there are the quicker we can handle them.•Any type of phobic comments is an automatic block. •CCW: Constructive Criticism Welcome. Unless someone puts this on their post DO NOT comment anything negative if not asked. •NO USING MAKEUP APPS TO APPLY MAKEUP OR LASHES.•ABSOLUTELY NO MENTIONING OF DS (DIRECT SALES) OR MLM (MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING) PRODUCTS (Younique, itWorks, Limelight, etc). NO SOLICITATION (this includes offering to message members or spamming inboxes). ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. •Anything that happens in the group, stays in the group. •NO ADVERTISING OTHER GROUPS•GIVEAWAYS AND MEET UPS MUST BE ADMIN APPROVED • If you would like to post a picture of SFX makeup (this includes anything with gore, blood, bruises, etc.) you MUST first make a post that states a "trigger warning" then when your post is approved, you may post your SFX look in the comments under the trigger warning post. ANY SFX POSTS WITH NO TRIGGER WARNINGS WILL BE DELETED. This needs to be a safe environment for everyone. Please be respectful and add a trigger warning. Stay Caked 💄🔪
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Boys only name brand resale BST group with MINIMAL rules!
We try to have minimal rules but we do want to follow B/S/T ETIQUETTE:ISO only allowed on weekends. All ISO must be deleted by Sunday at midnight or you will be MUTED for 48 hours. PLEASE DELETE your ISO. SELLERS:ALLOWED...BOYS CLOTHING, SHOES, ACCESSORIES SUCH AS BELTS, HATS AND BLANKETS, SWADDLES.ALLOWED: Small Shop items in purges which contain 75% brand name and 25% small shop . NOT ALLOWED ...LINKS ...ONLY LINKS ALLOWED ARE THOSE APPROVED BY JANINE PHILLIPS FISHER.....NO links to shops, stores, BST pages, FB pages, . NO Links posted on page or in PM...if you receive a link..PLEASE CONTACT ME . Regina PhillipsNOT ALLOWED ....ISO of Small Shop or party goods or toys . No China brands such as ALI or WISH items. NO Items in bulk. . No Links of any kind. Small shop , instashop, Etsy shop or business owners using the site as a storefront. No Gifting of money. No Asking for PAYPAL fees . No DRAMA.. no price shaming . No live shopping. Posts must include brand, size, condition, price, shipping info, smoke free/pet free. Items that do not state brand, condition and size are subject to removal. Must disclose stains or flaws. YOU MUST USE ACTUAL PICTURES OF THE ITEMS - NO STOCK PHOTOS. 🚫 No claiming items from the main post - claims must be made on each individual picture to make it fair for everyone.✅ Be familiar with the rules for buyers and make sure you are invoicing the buyer that claimed correctly. You must invoice within 24 hours or the buyer has the right to pass. We advise sellers to use reply feature and that buyers claim the items in Reply to avoid confusion. Holds or questions must still have paypal, and seller should only accept claims with paypal or "will pm paypal" on each item.✅ Keep up with your purge! Please continue once you start the purge or update and let sellers know what time you will start. ✅ Deal or No Deal (DOND) is allowed, however once you accept an offer you must honor it and cannot then go back and accept higher offers. ✅ If you have a non-payer tag them in your purge AND pm or send PayPal reminder before reaching out to Admin. Not everyone sees the notifications so send a pm to the buyer. ✅ Items must be shipped within 5️⃣ business days.✅ If you have cross posted items in your purge, please make that clear on your post. ✅ If you are offering an item on someone's ISO post, you may move to next in line after 2 hours, if no one commented .BUYERS:✅ 😳THE ABSOLUTE ONLY WAY TO SECURE AN ITEM-- post your paypal on the item or items you want. ....or you can state ...”sold will pm PayPal”..If you have a question about an item, you must still post your PayPal and then post your question IMMEDIATELY after. You can then decide if you want to pass. 🚫 DELETING YOUR COMMENT AFTER POSTING PAYPAL IS GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE REMOVAL. So is backing out of a sale. If you post your PayPal or will pm PayPal, the item is yours, no exceptions. Make sure you read description, size, price, shipping, etc. before you claim
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MakeUp for Real Black Women
Group Rules: 1. Keep it positive no negativity will be tolerated. NO rude comments or constructive criticism unless asked by poster (that includes shady emojis).2. Share product details if asked (WE ARE ALL HERE TO LEARN). 3. Please limit business and blog post to those that are makeup, skincare and nail-care related to Thursdays ONLY.4. If selling/buying makeup 💄 or related products; this is done at your own risk, and not the group or administers responsibility. 5. Advertise your social media handles any day of the week, to include personal like/fan pages. NO group fan/like pages or actual group pages are allowed to be shared inside this group or affliate groups. Please do not ask members to follow your page, most will do that automatically. For business beauty pages refer to rule #3. 😊😊6. Please DO NOT tag the group if you go live in another group. Thank you!! 😊😊7. NO overposting as it is consider spam i.e. 3+ of the same or similar post. 8. You CANNOT block the admins nor the mods ☺️9. Please keep ALL post related to MAKEUP, SKINCARE & NAIL-CARE only...anything else will be deleted!10. Any giveaways, fundraisers, gofundme, cashapp post MUST be approved by admins.11. BLACK MALE MAKEUP ARTIST or ENTHUSIASTS ARE ALLOWED IN THIS GROUP, they are not going anywhere nor is the group name changing!!!!12. If you’re going live in this group please refrain from the use of smoking products, no exception 13. No solicitation of followers of any kind on a single post. Example: Please follow my YouTube Channel (Snap Chat, Instagram, etc.), I'll you follow back, I'm trying to get to 1K subscribers... You may only post your social media handles on an actual makeup, skincare, or nail-care related post. Members will see your social media handles...that is enough. *If we cannot abide by this rule the group will go back to only being allowed to post handles on Thursdays only as it was before.14. Our group is closed, please respect it as such, you may not share members post [pictures] in other groups without their permission. 15. No drop and follow Snapchat filter post, meaning you cannot post a snap post and ask members to drop their favorite one.16. Lastly, be respectful if you don’t like a post, pictures, etc., that is not disrespectful in nature scroll past the post and keep all negative feedback or opinions to yourselves.Again, we thank you for being a part of this group. If you should run into any problems contact a team member immediately. HAVE FUN & SLAYYYYYY AWAY!!!😊😊💁🏽💖💖CREATOR/ADMIN Tracy Maraj Simeton☀️☀️Admin Latisha Hatch💐💐Admin Kayla Kaylor Kayler💄 💄 MOD Althea Brown💋💋MOD Seneca A Clark🌼🌼MOD Eboney Danai🌷🌷MOD Krystal Joye🌸🌸MOD Shanayll Jones🌹🌹MOD Halle Walker🌺🌺MOD La Terra Stevenson🍑🍑MOD Destiny Singleton
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Welcome to BeautyBook/BBMake sure to review our RULES and GUIDELINES!_____________________________(PLEASE READ THESE TERMS OF USE)We have this group set up to (approved posts) to avoid spams etc.. We do not approve posts right away so it may take some time before you see your post on the feed.***LIVE VIDEOS NEED TO BE BEAUTY/FASHION/SKINCARE RELATED ONLY.***NO SELLING IN BEAUTYBOOK! We do not want to be liable for spams or lost items.***NO affiliated codes.1. Watermarking your images is acceptable. However any posts and/or links pertaining self promoting Webpages, Business Advertising without BeautyBook's permission will be banned without notice. If you want to put up ads contact 2. Anyone or anything unfriendly such as comments, posts or spams will be deleted without notice. WE TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUSLY, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED AND NO LONGER ABLE TO JOIN THIS GROUP ONCE YOU ARE REPORTED DUE TO BREAKING ANY OF THE RULES.3. We want to keep this group a friendly environment. We reserve the right to remove, banned or delete any posts, comments and/or links that are not in the letter or spirit of BeautyBook guidelines._____________________________Contact BBbeautybooktips@gmail.comAdvertisement/Business Inquiry beautybooktips@gmail.comAdmin Choua LeeAnne Moderator Jennifer Garza Renee Nucee Ellie
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Clean Eating Fix
Hi, I'm Kim Danger. I'm a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. I believe that plant-based nutrition and clean eating is not only optimal for weight loss, but overall health, disease prevention and longevity. I want to help with meal ideas, recipes, and tips for preventing disease through proper nutrition as well as holistic strategies to improve your overall health. I encourage you to jump in and discuss topics relevant to you! *UPDATED June 2018*.NO SPAM, NO SOLICITINGDue to the size of this group, I have had to adopt a very strict no-spam rule. If you are also an online health coach, this is not the place for you to advertise your groups, link to FB pages, blogs and/or promote your businesses in ANY WAY. This includes posts that say "message me privately" "I'll send you a message" "DM me" and "friending" members with the intent to join your own group or selling them anything. If we notice this activity, you will be removed from the group IMMEDIATELY AND WITHOUT WARNING. Only the admins of this group are allowed to post links and promote our team's groups. .SHAKEOLOGYShakeology and Beachbody Shakes/Supplements are the only products I officially endorse. Our group is not the place to discuss other products you may be using. .TROUBLE? LET US KNOW!If any member has a problem within the group please message one of the admins; do not post the problem within the group. If you do, your post will be deleted. .MANAGING THE GROUPIf you find our posts are backlogging your newsfeed but you still want to be a member, click the "Joined" button at the top of the page and then click "unfollow". Then you can just pop in when it's convenient for you..LET'S KEEP IT POSITIVE!! We want to foster a judgment-free zone and atmosphere of positivity. Please let us know if you are having issues with members breaking this rule and we will resolve it.
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Meditation Matters
Thank you all for being part of our Meditation Matters family!Admins - Jennifer Cortis & Edward NiamThis group welcomes anyone interested in the art of meditation and the benefits of regular practice and various methods to improve your mental, physical and spiritual health. Regardless of the type of training you are involved with or if you do nothing at all, you need to meditate daily to bring balance back in your life and hear the music inside of you. Meditation is the Yin energy contrasting the Yang of physical exercise. The proper mix of Yin and Yang energy is necessary for optimal mental, physical and spiritual health.Regular meditation will relieve tension and stress, release anxiety, create a mind-body connection, enhance focus and awareness, release energy blocks, gain a sense of calmness and well-being, lessen mood swings, balance metabolism and blood pressure, increase Chi (vital energy) and develop a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.What is it that we give our children every day when they are young - something to help them calm down, reflect on their activities of the day and connect with their inner self? For you modern day parents, I'm not talking about Ritalin. The answer is Quiet Time. For a child, Quiet Time is a natural form of meditation.How many of us get Quiet Time every day? The best Quiet Time for an adult is to practice some form of meditation regularly. Consistency is important because meditation is like an exercise. The more you practice, the better you get.Please note that all members are invited to submit posts. They are important and we look forward to reading them, however, please limit your submissions to 2 per day. And regarding Comments on Posts, please keep them respectful, positive and helpful. About our Admins: Reverend Edward Niam, DD is a Grand Master of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, Acpuncture, Tui Na and Meditation and has been helping people utilize the secrets of alternative health & wellness therapies for over 45 years. He is also Pastor of Spiritual Inspiration Ministries.Jennifer Cortis is the founder of Lotus Room Yoga Centre in Malta. Jennifer is a gifted teacher, practitioner, innovator and leader. Jennifer is well known for her knowledge, skill and understanding of all forms of Meditation. She also conducts workshops and retreats globally.GUIDELINES FOR POST SUBMISSION: We welcome all posts related to meditation, health, wellness & all complimentary modalities as well as events, services, products and training programs. Posts asking for money donations will be rejected as will anything promoting a particular religion or political viewpoint, gambling/lottery, chain style posts, profanity & anything deemed inappropriate. Also, posts must be in English or accompanied by a translation. All inappropriate submissions will be deleted and the user blocked.
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Keto For Beginners
The ketogenic diet (or keto diet, for short) is a low-carb, high-fat diet that offers many health benefits.In fact, over 20 studies show that this type of diet can help you lose weight and improve your healthKetogenic diets may even have benefits against diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer's diseaseHere is a detailed beginner's guide to the keto diet.The ketogenic diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet that shares many similarities with the Atkins and low-carb diets.It involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. This reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis.When this happens, your body becomes incredibly efficient at burning fat for energy. It also turns fat into ketones in the liver, which can supply energy for the brain Ketogenic diets can cause massive reductions in blood sugar and insulin levels. This, along with the increased ketones, has numerous health benefits----------An open forum to ask, share, and motivate people who are interested in changing their lives.A friendly safe place for those that love and follow the Keto lifestyle and those interested in keto to talk, share recipes and support each other.Share experience, ask questions, bring value to the group, BUT no advertising, sales or links to other FB resources.Also, support for low carb lifestyles. Please read the pinned post. RulesAbsolutely NO selling of any productsBe respectful of each other
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Fasting for Weight Loss
Welcome to our Family! PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT A DRY FASTING GROUP.Please Answer our THREE SECURITY QUESTIONS to join. Without doing so, you will be declined automatically. RULE #1 – BE KIND AND RESPECTFUL. No hate speech of any kind will be tolerated, and please respect the privacy of our members. We want our members to feel safe in this group. If you do not have anything supportive to add to a discussion, please move on.RULE #2 – NO DRY FASTING DISCUSSION. We are a water fasting group only and do not support dry fasting. Please do not join if you cannot abide by this rule.RULE #3 – NO SNAKE JUICE DISCUSSION. We do not allow posts or comments on Snake Juice or it’s founder. RULE #4 – NO SELF-PROMOTION OR OUTSIDE LINKS. This includes Youtube links and links to any sites other than Dr. Fung’s. RULE #5 – NO FOOD TALK. This includes food emojis and gifs with food in them. This is for the sake of those who are currently fasting, as it can be a trigger for some.RULE #6 – ELECTROLYTES. We are strict about electrolytes for any fasts greater than 48 hours. If you choose not to have them, do not discuss in group.RULE #7 – IS IT FASTING RELATED? We do not approve posts that are not fasting related. We focus primarily on fasting for weight loss, and your posts should have something to do with this. Posts about religion and/or politics will not be approved. RULE #8 - DO NOT BLOCK ADMIN.RULE #9 - IF a moderator/administrator does not approve your post, please refer back to the above community rules. First offense - 24 hour muteSecond offense – Removal and possibly blocked from our groupFollow us on: Instagram: fastingforweightloss.caand Twitter: @fasting4weightPress inquiries always welcome.
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Aquarium Addicts!
🐡🐠RULES🐠🐡Rule 1 :- Everyone must read the rules - Joining the group means you agree to obeying and following the rules in the pinned post. Failure to obey and follow the rules will result in either a warning for minor violations and a ban for un-acceptable or repeated violations.Rule 2 :- Profanity of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes using it as an insult to another member or using it as an adjective.Rule 3 :- Respect that someone will have a contradicting opinion to your own.Rule 4 :- No sales posts are permitted, Businesses are welcome to join the group but are not permitted to post up their products or live stock.Rule 5 :- No Re- homing pets in the group. This is a group for sharing, giving positive feedback and displaying your aquarium.Rule 6 :- Posting other group links to the page is not permitted unless there is clear proof of the other group sharing the Aquarium Addicts link on their page. You must ask admin/mods for permission first.Rule 7 :- Do not screen shot or share another persons account to induce bullying or slander with intent to cause upset. Ask permission to share a post by screenshot if you wish to use it else where, this remains to the discretion of the account owner.Rule 8 :- While we respect that religion and politics are very strong topics of opinion and belief we ask that you do not bring them into the group to respect the diversity of all the members here!Rule 9 :- Racism and sexism is zero tolerance - you will be banned instantly.Rule 10:- Willful animal abuse or recordings of animal abuse will have zero tolerance - you will be banned instantly.Rule 11 :- Do not post unrelated topics or spam onto the page - If you spot either please report this to admin/mods.Rule 12 :- Anyone posting to purposefully provoke an adverse reaction from another member will be removed - This includes posting up material that should only be kept in private in messages.Rule 13 :- Indecent pictures or pornographic images will be deleted and the person posting will be banned - if you see anything please report it.Rule 14 :- Admin and Moderators have the right to delete any post or comment they feel breaks the rules, they also have the right to ban and block a member for any reason they feel may cause issues within the group. We do not wish to have to delete anything so please always remember to be respectful for what you post and remember you are responsible for what you say and not how it is understood or interpreted and likewise for something you read from another member. Members are not permitted to block Admins or Moderators.Instagram account:
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What's this Bird?
What’s This Bird? is a group designed with two purposes in mind.1. To be a safe, nonjudgmental space for people who need help identifying birds from photos, recordings, or descriptions.2. To introduce birdwatchers and others to the American Birding Association.This group was created to be different. We believe that its welcoming atmosphere fosters a greater appreciation for and curiosity in birds simply by helping people put a name to what they’re seeing and hearing. We understand there are people who may not be familiar with any field guide, that is okay. We are not here to teach people about field guides. We are here to help people know what bird they have seen. We trust those who are clued into birding have already exhausted all their resources and just need a friend who can help. ABA is that friend. We understand this group isn’t for everybody, and we respect that. But for the people who do enjoy it, we are committed to maintaining the unique atmosphere and founding principles of this group, which are achieved by group members adhering to the following guidelines.GROUP GUIDELINES:Have a picture, video, audio recording, or written description of a bird you can't identify? Post it here, and we'll help you identify it!When POSTING:• Make sure to always include location, state/province and the date when you post. Otherwise, members may be unable to help you. Why? Some bird species look identical, and only by knowing the location and date can we help you. • If you want to just ask for the name, that's OK. But, if you want to tell the group what you think the bird might be and/or why, and you want to be helped to the identification without being told the answer, that is fine, too.• Please post no more than 3 queries/photos per day. • If you already know which species appears in your photo, don’t post it here. We encourage you to share your already-identified bird photos and questions in one of our other groups, "ABA Birds & Birding":• Please do not ask questions about other topics, such as bird behavior. The place to do that is in our general discussion group at• Please avoid using abbreviations. This includes bird names as well as place names.When COMMENTING:• Be friendly and encouraging.• Please make sure your comments are only about the ID of the bird. • It is explicitly OK for those posting photos to just ask for a name. Please, Read the Full Guidelines: <> This group is provided by the American Birding Association (ABA) and is just one of the many services we provide to the birding community. If you enjoy this group, join the American Birding Association. Help us help you and build a bigger better birding community--a strong force for good!To learn more about the ABA, its mission, and how you can get involved, click here <>
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Cat City
Welcome to Cat City! We are one of the largest fg-s.communities of cat lovers. We support sharing fun and educational content about our feline fur friends. HOW TO JOIN THIS GROUP:We only approve people who answer the questions on the "join group" feature. If you add someone, they get the questions. Make sure that you tell them to answer them if they really want into the group. We DO read the answers and approve new members based on their answers.Please realize that there are THOUSANDS of active members, and we get HUNDREDS of posts at a time, to approve or not. Posts are approved or not based on time frame (oldest first) and necessity (if someone needs advice).GROUP RULEYour post will be deleted (or not posted) if you are sharing a post that has previously been shared. No need to have multiple of the same post. All posts are approved (or not) by admin/mods. Please READ THE ENTIRE POST before commenting. Remember that moderators can and will delete posts or comments as deemed necessary.BE RESPECTFUL of others, and of their posts.Please don't dispense legal advice. Facebook is NOT the way to go for something like that.ONLY report posts that break the rules, NOT the ones that personally offend you. Just because you don't like something posted, doesn't necessarily mean it breaks the rules.Block someone if you have a problem with them. Don't feed the troll, just cut off contact.Do not block admin or mods. We can tell if you do, because it shows us that you blocked us, and we still see your comment. If you block us, we will remove you from the group.Realize that all of the admin/mods DO talk to each other, and that if you message us, (especially if it is to ALL of us, at the same time) we DO discuss the messages and compare notes. We don't participate in divide and conquer.Don't try to grow your own group in here. We get that there are a lot of members, but this isn't going to be the recruitment center for others' groups.NO images of dead or injured cats, however, tasteful R.I.P. posts are allowed.ABSOLUTELY NO FUNDRAISERS. We don't have the time to verify them, and we aren't willing to be blamed if they end up being a scam.No clickbait or spam posting. It will be deleted, and you will be removed. No advertising or posting of links to products.These rules are subject to change, as needed, to keep order and peace within the group. We don't want to remove people, but we will if you give us no choice but to remove you. Thanks for joining!
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Sports and Fitness
Addicted to the UFC
You must be a dedicated fan of the UFC, MMA and Combat Sports in general....The best group on Facebook for discussion on all things MMA. Created by Ryan Hill--------------------------------------------------------------ADDICTED TO THE UFC YEARLY AWARD WINNERS (voted by members)FIGHT OF THE YEAR...2013: Hunt vs. Bigfoot (UFN33)2014: Weidman vs. Machida (UFC 175)2015: Lawler vs. MacDonald (UFC 189)2016: Swanson vs. Choi (UFC 206)2017: Alvarez vs. Gaethje (UFC 218) 2018: Ferguson vs. Pettis (UFC 229)2019: Adesanya vs. Gastelum (UFC 236)FIGHTER OF THE YEAR...2013: Vitor Belfort (3-0)2014: Robbie Lawler (3-1)2015: Conor McGregor (3-0)2016: Cody Garbrandt (4-0)2017: Max Holloway (2-0)2018: Daniel Cormier (3-0)2019: Jorge Masvidal (3-0)KNOCKOUT OF THE YEAR...2013: Weidman vs. Silva (Left Hook) - UFC 1622014: Stungun vs. Hathaway (Spinning Elbow) - TUF China Finale2015: Holm vs. Rousey (Headkick) - UFC 1932016: Bisping vs. Rockhold (Left Hook) - UFC 1992017: Ngannou vs. Overeem (Left Uppercut) - UFC 2182018: Rodriguez vs. TKZ (Back elbow) - UFN 1392019: Masvidal vs. Askren (Baptism) - UFC 239SUBMISSION OF THE YEAR...2013: Pettis vs. Henderson (Armbar) - UFC 1642014: Saunders vs. Heatherly (Omoplata) - UFN 492015: Rousey vs. Zingano (Armbar) - UFC 1842016: Diaz vs. McGregor (RNC) - UFC 1962017: Johnson vs. Borg (Suplex to Armbar) - UFC 2162018: Magomedsharipov vs. Davis (Suloev Stretch) - UFC 2282019: Mitchell vs. Sayles (Twister) - UFC on ESPN 7UPSET OF THE YEAR...2013: Weidman vs. Silva (UFC 162)2014: Dillashaw vs. Barao (UFC 173)2015: Holm vs. Rousey (UFC 193) 2016: Bisping vs. Rockhold (UFC 199) 2017: Namajunas vs. Jedrzejczyk (UFC 217)2018: Cejudo vs. Johnson (UFC 227)2019: Pettis vs. Wonderboy (UFN 148) PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR...2013: Weidman vs. Silva (UFC 162)2014: Dillashaw vs. Barao (UFC 173)2015: Holm vs. Rousey (UFC 193) 2016: Garbrandt vs. Cruz (UFC 207)2017: Namajunas vs. Jedrzejczyk (UFC 217)2018: Holloway vs. Ortega (UFC 231)2019: Usman vs. Woodley (UFC 235)WTF MOMENT OF THE YEAR...2013: Georges St Pierre vacates title and retires2014: Anderson Silva snaps his shin at UFC 1682015: Aldo KTFO in in 13secs by Conor2016: Bisping finally wins UFC gold after 10yrs2017: McGregor/Mayweather actually happens2018: Khabib Nurmagomedov starts riot at UFC 2292019: Jorge Masvidals 5sec baptism of Ben Askren
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Sports and Fitness
Golf, nothing more....
Founder/Owner/head admin:Jan Christiaan GodefroyDear Sir/Madam,Welcome..,Welcome to the group "Golf, nothing more.” Where the rules and etiquette are the same as on de the golf course.A well-maintained page with the information you are looking for ..Rules:For sending posts and comments on, the user language, preferably English.The article or message with a LINK, this must be opened in a new page (do not overwrite).Be nice and politeWe all have to create an inviting environment. Treat everyone with respect. Healthy discussions are allowed, but only in a friendly tone.No hatred language or bullyingMake sure everyone feels safe. No form of bullying is allowed and disparaging remarks about, for example, race, religion, politics, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity are not tolerated.No promotions or spamGive this group more than you take. Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links are not allowed.Respect everyone's privacyMutual trust is required for membership of this group. Authentic expressive discussions contribute to groups, but can also be sensitive and private. What is shared in a group can not be discussed outside it. More information is available on the right-hand side of the group page | the Admin.Golf, nothing more... hopes that you receive a good response to the commercial products you have posted. At this time, your post has been received and is pending approval. You can also pay directly through >>>, nothing more…----------------------------------• is a very large public group where:• 400-900 members view shared mail daily• numerous new members are welcome (daily?)• 3500-5000 articles and comments are posted weekly• wrong items; dating,loans,gambling,discrimination,spam-offers• maintenance has to be carried out at least Seven times daily• why, commercial suppliers are required to pay a nominal charge----------------------------------To place items in this group; Golf, nothing more ......., the following rules; The article should be about “Golf and nothing more”, For diversity may be placed only 2 article per week, the inserted message consists of a picture as a link, just a link placed without photo will be removed by the administrator also like to spread this second article in the week. We want to keep the group attractive. Yours sincerely | the admin
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Special Education Teachers
Welcome! Read to the end please for your own benefit. 1. This group is only for teachers and paraprofessionals working in the schools, Aides, OT, PT, SLP, etc. If you're not a teacher, close to becoming one or a paraprofessional please delete yourself before an admin has to. Nothing personal but this group was intended for teachers as a safe discussion area.2. Report anyone who is not supposed to be in the group or who is not being respectful or someone who is spamming the group. *The report feature works very well. Admins can decide to keep, delete, or delete & block!*Admins can delete any post but posters can also delete their post at any time (this doesn’t mean all evidence is gone, screen shots and photos can exist)3. Maintain confidentiality of your students.4. Be courteous and encouraging to your colleagues in the group. 5. Use appropriate and professional language but also don't be offended if someone uses a term or phrasing you dislike (unless it is clearly inappropriate, please report that). 6. Stay on topic, special education.7. No spam in the group & if selling beneficial special education related products (like from your tpt) on the feed DO NOT post it more than once in 48 hours! PLEASE post any FREE items you find that are awesome!No posts selling items not related to education or support of those with disabilities. Thanks again. ***Disclaimer. This is a closed group, not private. It will show that you are a member on your page. Colleagues/Admin from your school/area may also be members so please be mindful of what you post. Social Media can be wonderful but it can also be harmful to your career if you are caught saying negative things, being unprofessional, or getting close to confidentiality lines. Delete isn’t foolproof (once it’s out there, you can’t go back, people can take screen shots and pictures). **If anyone has any questions, please tag or PM admins: Laura Elaine Bertolucci Kim Smart or Valerie Cochran ORModerator: Robin RogersThank you!
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Tot School and Preschool with Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten
Welcome to Tot School and Preschool with Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten!This group is for parents, teachers, caregivers and followers of Mrs. Plemons’ Kindergarten to connect, collaborate, and share ideas for tot school and preschool learning!I am SUPER excited about having a place where we can talk about early learning with our little ones from birth to 4 years old. Please feel free to:• Ask for advice, resource suggestions, and support. • Ask and answer questions. • Share activities you love. • Share your successes (and failures too, we’re here to support you!) • Share articles that may be relevant to the group.Help keep this group a safe and happy place: • Listen, be respectful, accepting and kind to all parents, teachers and caregivers in this group regardless of their opinions and/or beliefs.• Please don’t post crowd funding requests here (Donor's Choose, Go Fund Me, etc.) • You assume all risk associated with posting photos. You may only post photos of your own children. Any photos of children and students (with or without faces) may be removed at the discretion of the page admin.• No Facebook live please. • Please keep resource sharing to round up threads started only by Mrs. Plemons’ Kindergarten or in threads that specifically address a need of another member.• Remember this group is for followers of Mrs. Plemons’ Kindergarten. If you are sharing about another seller, or advertising a resource explicitly for another seller we may remove the post at any time. Bloggers, TpT sellers, and other Seller of merchandise and materials:• NO SELF PROMOTION.• You can share your free & paid products, and blog posts in comments of conversations in authentic ways. • You may not message people privately from our group to sell them anything.• If we see something that is in violation of these guidelines, the page admin may take it down without notice.Thanks so much for being a part of our group! Let’s make teaching little ones easier by supporting each other! Jessica
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Classical Conversations
Welcome! This is a chat group for those interested in homeschooling with Classical Conversations and general day-in-the-homeschool-life talk. If you'd like to learn what Classical Conversations is and how it works, please visit our website ( or Facebook page ( refer to the "Announcements" tab for group rules and posting guidelines before you get started! This group is NOT for selling/advertising goods and services. NOTE: We get hundreds of requests to join every week- if you are not added to the group within a week, please private message Noble Gibbens.Classical Conversations is a program based on the classical method of learning. Our goal is to bring families together in communities that offer amazing fellowship and accountability. What does a Classical Conversations education look like?• Ages 3-8 (Scribblers) --- The Scribblers At-Home Program is not a community or tuition-based program, but it is a collection of recommended at-home resources and activities for children ages 3 to 8. Scribblers products give parents practical tools and support for fostering a love of learning in their youngest children, while also providing hands-on activities to keep them engaged as parents teach their older students. In addition to the Scribblers product line available at, the Scribblers tier of CC Connected ($2/mo) equips parents through tutorials, printables, activities, and ideas.• Ages 4-12 (Foundations)--- Gives kids a solid knowledge of history, science, English grammar, Latin, geography, and math. Some may question all the memorization (this phase is fairly heavy on it), but this is the prime stage of life for it! The things memorized now will be remembered and built upon in future stages. Additionally, students participate in public speaking, science labs, art projects, and musical activities.• Ages 9-12 (Essentials) --- In addition to foundations work, students take on a robust language arts and English study. They also focus on improving math skills.• Ages 12+ (Challenge) ---This stage focuses on expositional skills, a deeper knowledge of grammar/language in both English and Latin, debate, research skills, logic, math, science, and reasoning. Additionally, Challenge I-IV offers the opportunity of attending protocol events, which are dinners aimed to train students in how to successfully handle formal social gatherings (this is NOT a dating event or prom). The challenge stage puts a great emphasis on written and oral expression and community days give students a great chance to present and defend their beliefs and opinions in a wide variety of ways. The facts that students memorized in their younger years come full circle here, helping them to have a better foundation of knowledge upon which to craft their research, reasoning, debate, and logic skills.
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Scholarships, Grants and Summer Institutes for Teachers
The Scholarships, Grants and Summer Institutes for Teachers is a group page for instructors looking for grant funding and stipends, opportunities for professional development, summer travel, job options, independent research, and graduate programs.The following is a list of those content areas and grade levels that we focus on here. We update the group page about twice a month. The profile photo will change as those revisions are made. Agricultural Science--Art--Business Ed--Classroom Projects and Field Trips--Colleges and Universities--Community Colleges----Computers and Technology--Counselors and School Psychologists--CTE--Deaf, Blind and Visually Impaired Ed--Drama and Theater--Elementary Ed--Engineering--ESL--Fashion-Interior Design--FB Groups--Foreign Languages--Genealogy--Graduate Programs--Health, PE, Coaching and Adapted Physical Education---Honors and Gifted Ed-HIstory and Social Studies--IDS (Interdisciplinary Studies)--Job Options-Language Arts, Reading and Literacy--Library Media Specialists--Lifelong Learning-Retirement---Mathematics--Music--Photography--Preschool--Early Childhood--Principals and Administrators--Psychology Teachers--Scholarship and Independent ResearchScience--Social Work--Special Education--Speech Pathology--Travel--If you don't see posts in your area, please feel free to contact myself or one of the admins on staff. You can reach us here or myself at kentgompert1@gmail.comOn behalf of the Scholarships staff,k
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IDEA & IEP Tips - Parents to Parents for Children with Disabilities
IMPORTANT... PLEASE READ!!!Personal attacks are not welcome in this group. This is a social support group where parents can share tips on obtaining a free appropriate public educations (FAPE) through individual education plans (IEP) pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).This group is administered by Cause and Direct, LLC - a company whose purpose is to help nonprofits generate sustainable revenues by connecting community members to the resources they need.If you are involved in a lawsuit, post only general questions. DO NOT POST PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR SITUATION or YOUR LAWSUIT. If you post to this group, you should be aware that any personally identifiable information you submit there can be read, collected, or used by other users of these forums, and could be used to send you unsolicited messages. Anything you post here could become admissible as evidence if you have filed or will file a lawsuit. You should always consult with your lawyer before posting any information in any internet forum. We are not responsible for the personally identifiable information that you choose to submit in these public forums. This group is neither a law firm nor a legal referral service, nor a doctor's office. As such, this group should not be used as a substitute for an attorney's advice or a medical doctor's diagnosis. This group is a forum for the exchange of general special education, legal, health, injury and medical information. However, this group does not provide specific education, medical or legal advice for an individual's specific matter or concern. Instead, the information we provide is general in nature, and you are encouraged to speak directly with an attorney regarding your specific legal questions.If you have ANY questions contact IDEA & IEP Tips group founder This is also offered as a program to members of the Cleft Lip and Palate Foundation of Smiles For questions, contact Rachel Mancuso CEO and Founder or board member and Our Foundation is too offer support and build relationships and support each other. If you have a nonprofit organization that would benefit from this group, please reach out to us to learn how we can make this a program that you offer to your members.
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Face-ing Your Fears
A group to share and grow, to inspire and teach, to just be !!!I want to create an inspirational place where all can share, encourage, and teach others.......We are all individuals with an abundance of talents, let's share our journey together !!!!!As a community we have decided to keep this group limited to the posting of faces art and face related tutorials. Please respect this and do not post any other photos or pages. Of course if you have a mixed media background that contains a face then that is completely fine. You are free to do anything you want. 1 face, 2 faces, side view, 3/4 view, even non-human faces....even some very bizarre can do faces and not post them, or post all of them or only....well, you get the rules except they have to be faces because this is a gift to us to use for practicing the art of drawing/painting faces. They can even be magazine cutouts that you have painted over. It's all about trying, starting, practicing faces with the goal of getting better at it, coming into your own style. Some are doing cartoon faces or fantasy faces. Some are doing very fine art faces and some are just practicing getting the eyes the right distance apart and the lips to look happy and not sad. Most of all have fun and enjoy the process. There is no time limit on how long the challenge should take to complete so take your time and work at your own pace. And if you are comfortable to do so then please post your art on the wall. We are a friendly bunch and we all want to see what you can do Thank you x
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Quick Change -The Theatre Job Network (Technical/Production/Administration)
Welcome! The purpose of this group is to share job postings for positions in technical theatre, theatre administration, theatre/entertainment consulting, and design/technical theatre in higher education. Since the group has grown so large, the Group Admins have drafted the following guidelines for participation in this Group.1. All posts must include: company name, job title, location, and instructions on how to apply. If start dates, salary range, link to the original job post, etc. are also available, great. If not, that’s ok too. 2. A job being posted here does not equate to the Admins’ endorsement of the company or institution mentioned within the post. Please do your own research about the hiring company prior to applying for any position. 3. Comments that ask for more information about a job - including a salary range - are allowed. Responses to the answer or lack thereof must be met with reason and flexibility. If you ask about a post, you must understand that: a) it is solely the company’s prerogative whether to share that information or not; b) sometimes the person posting, even if they work for the company that is searching, may not have access to the information you are requesting, or not be allowed to share it; or c) a relatively large number of posts in this Group are shared by people who are not associated with the company in the post.4. All comments must be civil. No insults, no mocking, no sarcasm. This is a network of professionals. Let’s behave as such. 5. If the Admins find that your behavior lacks civility and professionalism, they will let you know and give you an opportunity to delete your comment before they do. Should they need to intervene again, you will be removed from the Group. Though the Admins understand they are not flawless in their decision-making and that labeling behavior as civil or not is highly subjective, see rule 7. 6. Soapboxing is not welcome. Comments that attack any person or company will not be tolerated. If your idea of having a debate means being unyielding, please feel free to talk at people somewhere else. Should a healthy debate begin here, those participating must allow for the possibility that both sides have good points and that opinions, including their own, can - but do not have to - change. 7. Feedback for the Admins that conforms to number 4 above is welcome and will be heard, considered, and discussed by the Admins. The Admins volunteer their time to moderate and make decisions that honor the spirit of this Group. Unfortunately, however, it is not practical to run the Group like a democracy. Want to have a heated discussion with the Admins questioning their decisions? They are happy to do so, in private, because of rule 5.Thanks for being a part of this community! We are happy you are here!
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Richmond Virginia Theatre Community
A support group for Facebook members to communicate what's going on in the local theatre, film, and television community. Actors, dancers, singers, "techies", and students involved or looking to be involved in the local theatre, film, and television scene are welcome to join. Posts and comments on this site are not necessarily those of the administrator. Please keep posts appropriate and relevant to this site.Rules - Do not post the same information here and in the opinions room as well. Feel free to post information and reviews (from legitimate venues), but please do not post your opinions here. i.e.: "My friend so and so is the best actress ever." or "such and such theatre company does the very finest shows." @ reviewers and critics (who have legitimate venues) may post their opinions hereBe prudent with your post. Do not post the same information repeatedly within a 24 hour period, and over-posting will result in none of your posts appearing in this forum.Information posted here must be directly relevant or of interest to members of the Richmond, Va theatre community and must be information relevant to members within 100 miles of Richmond, VA (including DC and the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area).Audition announcements that don't include who, what, when, where, how and so forth will not be posted.Those offering goods and services relevant to the community should post no more than once a week.If you ad a friend to the group, they must answer the 3 simple questions before they will be approved to join.* The Richmond Virginia Theatre Community group is inclusive of all - not only religious, sexuality, race, political, and so on, but ALL theatre. Whether you are a "big-dog" in the theatre community or an elementary school producing a show, all are welcome to join and post here as long as they follows the group's guidelines. Individuals in the room have their preferences, but the group at large does not.Thanks
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This is the oldest music group on Facebook and was created for the enjoyment of musical memories. I REPEAT MUSIC...Save the politics, preaching, sports, etc. for other Facebook groups. Political, religious songs are welcome. If it's old, it's gold...but we try to stick to music at least 10 years old...We post massive amounts of music here but:1. We don't do the "Battle of the Bands" here...If you want to post songs from two artists for comparison, that's fine...but no fictitious who's better comparisons.. 2. This group is NOT for COMMERCIAL PROMOTION. Non-commercial streaming Radio, Podcasts, and other music related endeavors are fine, but club, DJ Services, Concerts, tours, or other types of commercial promotions will be deleted and will get you banned...FOR LIFE!!! Think about it like this, If someone could possibly get paid as a result of your post, it doesn't belong here.3. NO SELFIES OR PHOTOS OF YOUR FAMILY /FRIENDS!!! (and please STOP CLICKING ON THOSE SHOE/SUNGLASS PICTURES).4. I shouldn't need to list this, (but I guess I do) NO PORNOGRAPHY!!! You will be deleted and banned immediately and your account will be reported to Facebook since Pornography is a violation of Facebook policy as well.We welcome Old School R&B, House, Soul, Blues, Jazz, Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, Gospel, Salsa, Merengue, Calypso, Soca, Jùjú, Reggae, Disco, Trance, Trip Hop, Soukous, Makossa, Country & Western, and New Age...Click "Like" if you like a song...Listen to songs you've never heard... and enjoy your time here.We also wanted to take a moment to invite you to join our sister groups: If you want the Sun Splash Sensation on a Reggae Vibration click here "Groove Masters" If it’s a good laugh you need click here "Last Stop Laugh Spot" If you need to catch up on Black movies click here "Must See Black Cinema" For those interested in promoting your music related activities visit "Old School Music Promotions" filled with the spirit and shout Hallelujah all day "The Gospel Truth" fitness and wellness interest you check out "Sweat 4 Success" us in our newest group dedicated to the "written word"
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True horror fans
ADMIN - Tim Scott. please tag me or message me if you have any issues with other members post of comments as im unable to read everything... . . Want to post non horror stuff, come join true entertainment fans. just click on the link & INFO: Hello, welcome to True Horror, we hope you enjoy your time here! This group is for people to discuss your favorite horror related things, whether it's movies, music, books, TV shows, video games, or art. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the admins and we will get back to you as soon as possible. True Horror Fans Guidelines: - ADMINS CAN REMOVE ANY MEMBER OR POST, WITH OR WITHOUT WARNING. This typically happens if a post is only intended to start drama or doesn't follow the rules. If you have a question about this, contact an admin privately. Do not create a new post asking about a removed post.- DO NOT BLOCK ADMINS or you'll be removed. If you have an issue with an admin, contact someone else on the team so we can help.- MUST BE 18+ TO JOIN.- NO BULLYING, HATE SPEECH, OR HARASSING OF ANY KIND. You can express your opinion about a film, filmmaker, etc. but do not attack members personally.- NO PORN OR NUDITY.- NO POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS POSTS.- NO SELLING OR ADVERTISING. Unless you have permission from an admin.- NO REAL GORE. This includes images, links or videos of crimes scenes, death, medical oddities. Goes for people and animals. - KEEP POSTS HORROR RELATED. We do accept thrillers, Halloween-themed, dark comedies, horror/sci-fi and horror/comedy.- NO SPAM OR TROLLING. If you have more than 3 images to post, either wait a few hours in between or add them to one post.- NO SELFIES OR PICTURES OF YOUR KIDS unless you're in full horror makeup/cosplay.- NO ILLEGAL or BOOTLEG POSTS, LINKS or COMMENTS OF ANY KIND.We hope you enjoy our TRUE HORROR FAMILY! If you take the time, you can truly meet some amazing people here! Stay freaky and creep it real!
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Classic Old School Soul
Classic Old School Soul.The group where we remember good music and good timesFor those of you that love the of retro old-school R&B soul/funk /disco/jazz/funk music performed so passionately from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s.This group is for you.Our group anthem song is " I know you got soul " by Bobby Byrd.Please read the rules for the Group.ALL MEMBERS, please read the group description. No rap, No memes, No quiz/ poll posting. No who is the best artist or group or what is your favorite this or that. The creator this group wants to keep the content of the posts limited. Members that make such posts will be questions asked. That's why an alternative group was created that is still affiliated with this one. Classic Old School Music and Memories. Those types of posts are welcomed there. Things are kept positive and fun. . Please..NO RAP MUSIC POP,Reggae Music or Actors that dont sing,No Selfies/Photos,no Advertisements of any business,No going live personally or DJ spam Amazon ads .Do not post song lyrics in the group.It all about the music.Please do not promote any events, podcasts, radio or any form of sales without the permission of the admin.If you do you, will be banned from the group. Thank you. Junior Hamer- Head Administrator Check out my EWF group as well. post, videos, and artist pictures.Please invite your friends to the group.Junior Hamer- Head Admin
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Faith and Spirituality
Philosophy & Wisdom - ( The Original & Authentic Forum )
The objective of this forum is to invite philosophically minded individuals to share knowledge of life and expound truth and wisdom. ( be aware of fake forums with the same name and logo).I like to extend my warm welcome to all members of this group. As you know we have just started this group new, hence there are lots of work in progress to make this group an enriching place for all to share, learn and experience. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts or share and quote philosophies and interesting conceptions and perceptions of your own or from respectable source.To make this place a conducive environment here are some basic but essential house rules to follow:1) This is a philosophy group and not a religious group, hence no preaching of religion.2) While robust discussion is encouraged, but personal attack and name calling are not allowed.3) Avoid extreme profanity...the occasion "fuck and suck" are tolerated :)4) Trolling is not permitted. Please see below for definition of trolling:5) Memes without the company of one's thoughts and opinions will be deleted without warning. Pictures posted with terrible resolution will be deleted too.A troll is a member who: 1) start with rude or sarcastic remarks on OP(original post) without substantiating his reason for such vile remarks.2) start debating unrelated to the topic of the Op.3) instead of refuting the opponents or conversationists, a troll resorts to personal attacks with repeated names calling and insults of profanity.4)when advised by the Op host and members of the group who bare witness to the event, the troll will not stop and might increase his intensity of mockery.This four basic points are the characteristics of a classical troll. The unique ones will be at the judgement of the admin.People, if you see a troll please report to us and make this discussion group conducive.Footnote:Please note that this is a discussion group and not a actual debate group. Debate arises out of necessity to defend an important point , but respect and moderation are observed at all time.Creator and AdminMaster Trainer - Alvin Koh
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Faith and Spirituality
LIGHTWORKERS POSTING GUIDELINESThe purpose of Lightworkers of the World is to accelerate the evolution of humanity by raising vibration of self and others. We are a group where members can read educational and uplifting material, participate in discussions, and give/receive support, love, advice and healing. We reserve the right to delete any posts that we feel are inappropriate for this group.PLAY NICE: We will not tolerate abusive or harassing comments. If you cannot present your ideas politely you may be removed from the group. Name-calling is NOT acceptable. LIVE FEEDS: Members may NOT post active live feeds in this group. PERSONAL POSTS: Lightworkers of the World is a community. You are welcome to post questions, ask for healing, support or advice, or simply introduce yourself to the group. Please note that posting of another person’s picture requires their permission.SELFIES: We believe that providing positive feedback can help boost the spirit of those who are struggling or seeking motivation. We also believe the best growth comes when the poster interacts with those giving feedback. Posts with a picture that only says ‘What do you see’ will be deleted’. If you truly want feedback, tell us a bit about yourself, your desires and your challenges first. From there we will be happy to respond.ADVERTISING: We are not here to be a target market. If a post asks for money or donations it will be deleted. We do not allow advertising of products or services. We will allow promotion of groups and pages related to Lightwork along with sharing of educational material. We anticipate that members who promote are also active participants in the community.SOLICITATION: We do not allow solicitation of clients. We will delete posts that offer healing or readings that require members to send private messages to proceed. PICKING POSTS: Posts that encourage people to ‘pick for a reading’, such as pick a tarot card, pick a crystal, etc. are limited to MONDAY ONLY. On Tuesday we will turn off comments for these posts so they gracefully fade away.OBVIOUS DELETIONS: Pornography, graphic violence, animal abuse and messages invoking hatred or anger do not belong on this page. POLITICAL POSTS: We will delete any posts that state a position either for or against a political candidate. We are non-political and take a neutral position. RELIGIOUS POSTS: Lightwork transcends. We do not accept posts that sell a religious viewpoint or imply others are deficient for following a different path.TIMEWASTERS: We will delete posts that provide no value while attracting comments, such as math puzzles, games, or posts that ask for ‘Yes’ or ‘Amen’ or other repetitive answers.CLICKBAIT POSTS: Even if the information is valid, we are not here to train people about health issues, proper diet, exercise routines or celebrity news.EVALUATION OF VALIDITY: We cannot attest to the value of any services of any members. Let the buyer beware.
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Faith and Spirituality
Jewish Women Talk About Anything
Jewish Women Talk About Anything is a place for Jewish women of all backgrounds to discuss (almost) anything. We have a variety of discussions, from fun to thought provoking - with a diverse group of women; many of whom we may never interact with if not for the group. Some guidelines are listed below.PRIVACY: No sharing posts or screen shots outside of the group. Those who do will be removed. However, please remember the size of this group and use discretion when sharing personal information. Members may crowdsource for articles/blogs/school ONLY with full disclosure.DISCUSSION: We allow - and welcome - debate, but expect members to be respectful when disagreeing so we can have real conversations instead of fights. Please post with sensitivity to the diversity here; each member’s Jewish identity is THEIR TRUTH and not to be criticized. No directed insults, mocking or ganging up to harass members .POST CONTENT: If you share a link or photo, you must include your thoughts in the OP. If the content of the link is not evident, include a description. No sharing pictures of people without their permission. Photos from news articles are fine. Leave explicit photos in the comments with a warning in your post. Popular topics will be consolidated to one post. When posting, please be present and responsive. Do not criticize a Jewish business, organization, or individual by name. Intimate subjects are discouraged. Mikvah, niddah, and health are okay. Do not delete or turn off comments (editing is fine).ADVERTISING: Too many ads clog up the flow of the group and, in general, are not allowed. A limited amount of paid advertising, giveaways, and sponsored posts are allowed with admin approval. Members can recommend businesses ONLY when a member asks for recommendations. All members must disclose affiliate links or affiliation with a company. Never PM a member to sell a product. Sly’vertising (posting about your business in indirect ways) is not okay. Most charity fundraisers are not allowed. Private GoFundMe-type pages that are clear and worthy may be allowed with admin approval, but we won’t be honoring repeated requests, so please choose wisely.MUTING/REMOVAL: If we feel members are being disrespectful, inappropriate, or harassing other members, we may temporarily mute them or remove them. ANONYMOUS: For objectively personal and private situations that need advice or support, please PM an admin. We do not post all anonymous requests, only those we feel meet the requirements, and priority is given to active members.Please help us maintain the greatness of this group by following these fairly simple guidelines. Additionally, please help us admin by reporting posts, PMing, or tagging. If a post or a member is not in compliance. Keep in mind your three admins are busy moms, wives, and professionals, and be patient if you don’t immediately get a response.Happy posting!Esther Lejbovitz, Rachel Friedman-Breier and Leah Stein - Group admins
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Faith and Spirituality
Awakened Empath
💜 A warm and safe community for overwhelmed, lost, anxious, and depressed empaths. Let's help and inspire each other to grow, reclaim our power, and reconnect to our souls! This sacred space is dedicated to spiritual healing, emotional support, psychological development, and physical insight. As empaths, it is our destiny to transform, and by honoring ourselves, we honor the world. By loving ourselves, we learn how to truly love others. By taking responsibility for our happiness, we inspire others to do the same. We are natural-born healers, mystics, and mentors. Let's support each other in fulfilling our highest purpose on this planet!🌱 Get the Awakened Empath book here: (PLEASE READ + see pinned post): 1. Please treat others with patience, respect, courtesy, and compassion.2. Blocking the moderators to prevent them from seeing your posts will result in immediate removal from the group.3. Please help us keep the group clean! You can REPORT any inappropriate posts by clicking the “⌄” symbol on the top right-hand corner of the posts.4. Please contact one of the moderators if you receive any private messages from members that do not meet the group guidelines. 5. Please do not promote any personal or corporate products, websites, facebook pages or groups, or services through posts, link shares, or videos within this group.6. Please do not post any intentionally hostile, judgmental or slanderous posts. All of us here want a warm, accepting and peaceful environment. We accept all beliefs in this Empath Community. Aggression of any kind will not be tolerated. One warning will be issued for such behavior, and if broken/defied once more, will result in immediate removal from the group. 7. Please do not romantically or sexually harass other members.8. You are welcome and encouraged to share your emotions and struggles here. However, please don't vent or dump them. This creates a negative and unconstructive atmosphere. There is a difference between emotional dumping and seeking emotional support.9. Accusing anyone in this group of "not being an empath" or of "being a narcissist" (whether stated or implied) will result in one warning, and if broken again, will result in immediate removal.10. As the people in this group are energy-sensitive, please put a "*Trigger Warning*" notice on any thread you wish to create that contains topics such as death, suicide, abuse, and other extremely emotionally-charged material. 11. Please keep an open mind. Not everyone shares your views, experiences or beliefs, so be mindful.12. Please try to stick to empath-related topics. Please refrain from posting about political and/or religious topics (these are best suited to other groups).13. Please do not offer and/or post requests for tarot readings, picture readings or any other readings.14. If you post a meme, please ensure that you also include some kind of thought, feeling or comment.
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Relationships and Identity
The Marriage Club
***THIS GROUP IS FOR THOSE WHO ARE MARRIED OR ENGAGED***The Marriage Club was created to promote positive Traditional Marriages. To let society know, they do exist and to bring hope to the world. If you are in need of help, inbox us and we will assist you as we can. LETS LOVE! Oh, Feel free to post questions for a forum discussion. Always respect one another! This is a forum where we can share our thoughts ,our stories and opinions so let's agree to disagree. If there is arguing or negativity, you will be deleted and blocked. Marriage Group Etiquette. Please make sure your post are tasteful or the will be deleted and you will be blocked. NO NUDITY, not even in your memes, NO PROFANITY !! In effort to keep the integrity of the page. PLEASE do not add SINGLES. Although we love them, this is a Marriage group (engaged couples ARE welcome). If they need inspiration they are able to still view. If we see you adding you will be removed as well. This page is public. If you post a personal question, your Facebook friends could potentially see it. If you want to post a personal question, inbox one of the admins and ask them to post anonymously on your behalf. Also in an effort to keep the page safe place, please send a message to the marriage club before posting events or gathering and we can work together. Your events will be deleted, if done other wise. The Marriage Club will not be held liable for the outcome of any meetings that we did not expressly create/sponsor. Thanks for your participation. As a group The Marriage Club will help orchestrate events in your local areas. We are all about love, marriage and community.Please do not post any solicitation on the page without first asking permission from the admins. As a general rule, we do not advocate buying and selling through the Marriage Club. If you choose to purchase goods or services from someone that you do not know in real life, you do so at your own risk. The Marriage Club will not be held liable for the outcome of any transactions that you choose to conduct. Rules may be amended at any time at discretion of administrators Happy PostingThe FoundersMauricio and Kris Sonny
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Relationships and Identity
Wife Diaries
Wife Diaries™ was founded by Shanae M. Johnson in July 2011, to provide a positive platform exclusively for wives to feel comfortable discussing the trials and triumphs of marriage while lending and receiving advice on all related topics. With over 13,500 wives world-wide, and over 100 diary entries per day, Wife Diaries has ballooned into a movement where wives are interacting with one another on this private Facebook group page and sharing entries on everything from recipes, pregnancy and infidelity to beauty trends, fitness, children and more. Friendships have since exceeded the virtual realm through “Wives’ Night Out” events hosted by regional Wife Diaries representatives.The only requirement to join Wife Diaries is that you are a women who is currently legally married and are seeking to establish stronger bonds with other women who face similar highs and lows with their spouse. This is a closed group, therefore only the wives (group members) see the posts. If you would like to post anonymously, we offer that as well. Please feel free to request to join the group. Once you are in, spread the word to other wives so that they can join the conversation as well. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please direct them to ***PLEASE READ RULES***1. NO SCREENSHOTTING: Do not capture members posts and share them. This is our diary and safe place.2. NO NAME CALLING: Do not call any members out of their name. 3. NO FLOODING THE PAGE WITH SHARES FROM OTHER PAGES THAT AREN’T MARRIAGE RELATED4. NO FOLLOWUP POSTS: If your post was deleted, it was done for a reason. Please message an admin if you have any concerns. 5. NO RUDE RESPONSES: There is a difference between offering genuine advice and being nasty. Think before you speak. 6. NO NUDE OR SEXUALLY EXPLICIT PHOTOS OR VIDEOS7. NO GO FUND ME REQUESTS unless approved by 8. NO PROMOTING OF GROUPS RELATED TO WD: it’s a conflict of interest. Also, do not add WD members to other marriage groups without their knowledge.9. Personal business ads are prohibited in the main forum. All ads may be placed in the in the WD Business Pages.10. DO NOT share personal member stories outside of the group with non-WD members. This is our safe place. If this occurs, you will be removed immediately. ***You will get 3 chances. If you violate the rules, you will be banned from the group***Wife Diaries purpose is to encourage, not discourage. We encourage you to "Like" our public page and visit our website
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Relationships and Identity
Gay Geeks
Welcome to the largest LGBTQ Geek group on FacebookThis group is a private group for lgbt geeks, gay dorks, gay nerds, gaymers. Network, make new friends, talk about gaming, comics, anime, fantasy, board games, scifi, pokemon and other geek stuff.Please read rules pinned at the top of the group in the announcementsIf you love our groups, support us with a $1 donation to our Patreon out our other LGBTQ groups Join our other LGBTQ groups! LGBTQ DragRace Travel - Tips, recommendations, travel Fitness Disney Sports Book Club Pokemon Horror Nerds - Fans of Cooking EDM Gaymers group Geeks - Group for all things Fabulous - LGBT humor, news, advice and Streamers - For streamers or those who want to Professionals - networking group for Pets - share your fur Dating - Find a partner or some - fans of - fans of comic Movie Club city groupsLGBTQ Australia n New Angeles
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Relationships and Identity
LGBTQ Professionals
A place for LGBTQ Professionals to network, talk about work, career, find a job and help each other out.RULES: -Selfies belong ONLY in the selfie thread below-Keep the group on topic, think of it as an extension of LinkedIn with an LGBTQ focus-Golden Rule--> Don't Be a prick-Invite your other lgbtq friends to join as well.Please read rules pinned at the top of the group in the announcementsIf you love our groups, support us with a $1 donation to our Patreon out our other LGBTQ groups Join our other LGBTQ groups! LGBTQ DragRace Travel - Tips, recommendations, travel Fitness Disney Sports Book Club Pokemon Horror Nerds - Fans of Cooking EDM Gaymers group Geeks - Group for all things Fabulous - LGBT humor, news, advice and Streamers - For streamers or those who want to Professionals - networking group for Pets - share your fur Dating - Find a partner or some - fans of - fans of comic Movie Club city groupsLGBTQ Australia n New Angeles
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Family and Parenting
Dads With Daughters by Fathering Together
At Dads with Daughters, we are building a community of support as we journey through fatherhood together. We’re a group for dads to share and seek advice, provide resources, and brag about how awesome our daughters are. This group is powered by the non-profit Fathering Together.We would love for you to join us. Please read the about section and rules first. Our members come from every corner of the world. They hold a diversity of viewpoints and beliefs. We are all in different places in our journeys, and we ask that all members behave in a civil and respectful manner.You must answer our questions to be accepted into the group. Please note that we allow joint accounts in this group, and all posts must be approved by admins.POST GUIDELINES: To ensure your post gets approval, please follow these guidelines for dad/daughter related content:1. Bragging about your daughter’s accomplishments.2. Concerns about how to handle a parenting situation.3. Questions on how to tackle a developmental stage (i.e. teething, potty training, puberty, dating etc).4. Sharing resources that you found helpful, as long as it is not self-promotion. Contact admin’s if you have a question about this.5. Hobbies you do with your kid, but if you just want talk sports or video games go to the subgroup.6. Birthday wishes and milestones7. Sharing memes that are positive & uplifting. Negative memes will be removed. And try to provide an explanation about why you are posting it.8. No political rants or tantrums. We know the legal system isn’t perfect and custody battles are a real issue. We have a a subgroup to share and give advice for this.9. Posts seeking community with other dads are welcome, but we reserve the right to consolidate posts such as “where people live,” “what they do for work,” etc, in order to reduce duplication.We do our best to approve posts within an hour and to provide feedback should your post not get approval. Check your notifications if you don' see your post.RULE VIOLATIONS: If a member violates our rules, the following actions will be taken:First offense – violation removed and member warned. If it is especially egregious, they will be muted for 24 hours or removed/blocked.Second offense – violation removed and member muted for 24 hours. If it is especially egregious, the individual will be removed/blocked.Third offense – the individual will be removed and blocked from returning to the group.Egregious violations are as follows, but not limited to:a. Blatant racist, homophobic, or other discriminatory statements,b. Hostile threatsc. Degrading languaged. Statement that sexualize another dad’s daughtere. Posting Spam* If you have been muted or removed without explanation, please contact the admins. We reserve the right to remove members who engage in discussion in that is not considered civil by the admins or moderators and/or turn off comments or remove a post if the team feels it is dominating other group posts.
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Family and Parenting
Moms of Black Sons (MOBS)
WHAT MOBS IS...MOBS is a virtual community of women from all races who are empowered to seek change through support of one another and community based action in support of our Black sons. MOBS believe that advocacy and activism are of equal importance, therefore one holds no greater significance than the other.MOBS stand for justice and equal treatment of our Black sons. Through advocacy and activism the members of MOBS are empowered to act independently on behalf of their SONS!MOBS is virtual community of women who do not engage is classless behavior such as bullying, hate speech or disrespect toward one another. WHAT MOBS IS NOT…We are not an organization separated by chapters or regions. However, if you are interested in establishing an organization independent of the MOBS MOVEMENT, please contact: www.piconetwork.orgWe understand that members of this virtual community are interested in hosting efforts to raise awareness of the unequal treatment of their sons. We encourage such activism. However, please note that any fundraising, sponsorship, exchange of resources (financial or otherwise) and coordination of MOBS activities are organized independently and MOBS MOVEMENT can not be held responsible. This includes, marches, the purchase T-Shirts and other paraphenalia.MOBS is not a politically affiliated community of Mothers, we respect the political opinions of all members of this virtual community. Our primary concern is that you exercise your right to VOTE!
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Family and Parenting
Chesterfield/Midlothian Babies and Kids
Hello everyone!Welcome to Chesterfield/Midlothian Babies and Kids! This group is set up solely for the purpose to buy and sell children and baby items. Please feel free to share or invite friends As any other group, I do have some rules to help make the page run as smooth as possible.Anyone who violates the rules of the group a first time will receive a warning and be asked to remove that specific post immediately. The second time, the member will be removed from the group without warning. RULES:1. Please only post items pertaining to children and babies only. Toys, books, clothes, or any child specific furniture such as toy boxes, cribs, etc. Do NOT post any items that have been recalled or are expired! 2. NO ADS for businesses, parties, etc..3. POSTING SALES: Please post the specific location that you are willing to meet at as well as the price you want for the item. Also, please note if items are cross posted. Food items and carseats must have expiration dates listed. 4. UNDERSELLING is not allowed. Please give the first person who shows interest in your item time to get in contact with you. This page is first come, first serve. You will be removed if you are openly or privately skipping people to sell to someone willing to pay a higher price. Please be fair.5. RIGHT TO PASS: Please be respectful to people who have to work and cannot immediately respond back about an item. Give them a minimum of 4 hours and then notify them that you are moving to the next person.6. Unless the post states OBO, the price is assumed to be FIRM. No lowballers please.7. BUMPING: Please limit bumping to ONCE EVERY 7 DAYS.8. Pending Pick Up: Please post PPU when you have a sell pending.9. DELETING ITEMS: Please delete your post within 24 hours of the sale. If you cannot delete the post right away then post SOLD.10. BUYERS/SELLERS RESPONSIBILITY: You buy and sell items at your own risk. We are not responsible for any sales gone bad. It is your responsibility to check out the item before purchasing. 11. NO DRAMA!!!! If you have an issue with someone on the page, please private message me and I will help to try and straighten the issue out.12. SHOW UP: Please notify the other party if you are going to be late or can't show for a pick up. Nobody wants to sit around wasting time and gas waiting for someone.13. Do not post multiple single posts. Please try to combine them into one post. This will also allow for people to view more of your items at once instead of getting scattered throughout the pages.If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send me a message.Please feel free to SHARE and have fun! :)
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Hobbies and Interests
Abandoned in Virginia
This group, Abandoned in Virginia, is intended for your photography of the beauty of abandonment and decay in our state. This is a public group and all are welcome! Please invite your Virginia-connected friends to the group...or directly add those who wouldn't mind being added.The focus of this group is your photographs. Please be both thoughtful in your posts and reasonably selective in the photos you choose to share, and please do not flood the group, including within a single post (please limit the number of photos in any post to around five). Also, while this is not a photo critiquing forum, clear and well-composed photos will be appreciated by all and will receive the most positive response. Photos which are hurried (for example blurred, crooked or shot through windshields with reflections, etc.) are subject to deletion.Photos with people or vehicles are allowed, however, any people or vehicles should be incidental to the photo and not the dominant feature. No selfies. SPAM posts are subject to deletion and banning (If your intention is to sell your photographs or promote your services, this is NOT the group). Thank you in advance for your understanding on these points.Before posting or commenting, please review these group Do's and Don'ts:DO:- Post your OWN ORIGINAL PHOTOS taken around Virginia.- Caption all photos as you upload them, but do not identify the specific location of any properties hidden away from heavily traveled areas.- If you are Sharing a photo from your personal page, be sure to first set its Privacy to "Public." Otherwise, no one but your own Facebook friends will be able to see it in the group...and the photo will be deleted.- Post your best work. Please avoid posting hurriedly-shot or unclear photos, for example.- Use the Search feature for the group to locate potential prior posts on a location or subject.- Invite and/or add your FB friends and family who share an interest in abandonment photography.- Use the "Report Post" feature to report inappropriate posts to the Administrator.- ENJOY!DON’T:- Don't trespass in order to take photos.- Don't request a location if the poster has not provided it.- Don’t spam the group (No Ads for products or services).- Don’t flood the group (Limit your daily postings AND limit the number of photos within a single post)- Don’t upload photos you have downloaded from other sites.- Don't post photos without an accompanying, meaningful caption.- Don't post selfies or ordinary family photos (e.g. family or pet photos taken at your house)- Don’t post about or tinge your posts with religion or politics.- Don’t post frivolously (e.g., no memes).- Don't post a "Thank you for the add" (but be assured, You're Welcome!)It should go without saying, but there will be no tolerance for belligerence in the group. Anyone engaging in abusive or taunting behavior will be removed and banned.Thank you for helping to make the Abandoned in Virginia group a success!
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Hobbies and Interests
This is a JEWELRY only page for helping others identify jewelry with or without hallmarks. There's always that one piece that your just not sure what it is. Maybe others out there will be able to help. Please DO NOT list anything other than Jewelry or your post will be deleted. Rules of purchase: 1. If you are interested in purchasing an item, please make contact with the seller letting them know you are interested. 2. Arrange payment thru PM so your information is not on the thread.3. Respect your sellers!!! If you don't intend to buy let the seller know immediately so they can move to the next person. 4. Keep in mind that this might be the sellers only source of income. So doing things in a timely manner is preferred!Rules of selling:1. State your selling price with a description of the item including measurements. Please try to take clear pictures. 2. Be fair! First come first serve is only fair. Please take your buyers in order. You do not have to sell to the first person that asks if something about the transaction makes you uncomfortable.3. Arrange payment thru PM. Use secure payment methods such as PayPal. 4. NO AUCTIONS! With this many members it can only cause problems. Please ONLY sell with a selling price in mind. You are welcome to discount it if it didn't sell, but please make it a new listing with something saying you've reduced the price. 5. Absolutely NO sales of Ivory are permitted in this group!6. You are allowed to link posts. I feel like there's no point in creating extra work for yourself and it allows people to do an auction without it being on the thread.7. Multiple Items... when listing multiple items, they must be sold as an entire group. Please do not try to list individual sales in a group. Make sure you put the price your asking for the entire lot. 8. Always put a price on the top of your sale listing and if you will consider a negotiable price, make sure you put "or best offer" with you items listing. Thank you for your patience with us getting rules established. I will ad to this as things come up and problems occur.Anne Berry
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RULESPlease Read;This group was created so welders can help other welders, share advice and knowledge, and show off our good (and not so good) welds without unnecessary scrutiny.1. Drama, bashing, and otherwise rude behavior will not be tolerated. This is NOT the place to share your political views or religious beliefs.2. No buying, selling, or advertising. There are plenty of other groups for that. 3. Posts asking advice should be specific. "What's the best welder" is not specific. "What's the best AC/DC TIG welder under $1000," will always yield more relevant results.4. We are a GLOBAL community. Keep that in mind when reading posts from overseas. Not everyone speaks the same language.5. We are not here to help you cheat on your written weld exam.6. "Keep practicing" helps no one. Include specifics. "Tighter arc length," or "faster travel speed," whatever is relevent to the post.7. If you are going to dispute another member's comment, you must prove it with fact. "I've been doing this for 20 years," doesn't mean you've been doing it correctly for 20 years. Resorting to personal insults helps no one, proves nothing, and will get you removed from the group. 8. Things to remember when asking advice: Is the picture too blurry, which process used, machine settings, type of material being welded. These are details people will ask in the comments anyway, so just post it up front. Trust me, if you put in that extra bit of info, others are more willing to help. 9. No sharing of outside groups. No sharing work that isn't your own. If you have any problems within the group or questions about the rules, reach out to a member of the administrative team.
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RV Newbies
PLEASE READ THIS DESCRIPTION PRIOR TO REQUESTING TO JOIN!!***ALL requests to join are REQUIRED to answer ALL 3 questions for considering your join request or your request to join will be DENIED. Profiles less than 90 days old will not be approved. Blank profiles will be approved/denied at admin discretion. Welcome to RV Newbies. This is a group based in the United States of America and as such, the questions and answers will reflect the USA and not how something is done in other countries.This group is for those who are new to RV'ing and for the seasoned RV'ers. Keep it clean, positive, supportive, respectful and family friendly.Your Admins are Christine Hover & Robert Hover.It is important that you read & follow the “House Rules” and the "Community Standards" located in the files section. We, as admins, may close/remove comments on any post or remove a post at any time, for any reason without notice. The admins set the "tone" of the group and have final discretion on whether a particular post or comment belongs in this group.Check out the files section of the group for some great information our members have contributed. The search feature is also a great tool for you. If you’re requesting to join RV Newbies just to sell something or blast us with your blog/Facebook group/page this group does not allow that so we may not be a good fit for you. While we do welcome all RV related questions all new posts go into moderation first for approval. This assists us in keeping spam out & ensure that posts are within our guidelines. Thank you and Happy Camping!
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Food and Drink
Air Fryer Tips and Recipes
Welcome to the Worldwide, and GROWING Air Fryer Community.Here you can interact with the huge amount of Air Fryer users, ask questions, share recipes, get useful tips and enjoy getting ideas.This group is part of Blog and the FOCUS is to share recipes and tips featured on as well as your own homemade recipes. We love to share, help and encourage others.I ask that everyone obeys the group rules. Sometimes, I have to remove people.that is always because you have disregarded the group rules. If you would like to be added back in, please contact one of our admins.If you have declined admittance into this Group, it is probably because you did not answer the questions needed for approval.Come join us for fun and recipes. Please show us your own creative recipes and let's learn from each other, please share your recipes with others, if you post a picture, please share what you used, and suggest a cooking time. (Consider it a compliment!)Recipe Index: www.ForktoSpoon.comAmazon Store: Fryer Accessories, Suggested: posting affiliate links will be removed without warning.ForktoSpoon is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
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Civics and Community
Virginia Girl Scout Volunteers
*** W E L C O M E ***To the Virginia Girl Scout Volunteers Facebook PageWe are happy you have joined us. PLEASE invite any Girl Scout Volunteers you know to join us - the more the Merrier !This page was created so that Girl Scout Leaders from all over Virginia could share their knowledge/ideas/experience with everyone. It is the hope of this website that when you come to it you will find relevant information that applies to YOU - the VOLUNTEER who enjoyes working with the Girl Scouts to build our Future Leaders of Tomorrow.In the Central Virginia Area we have three Councils that are easily accessible to all of us with several within a few hours drive. This facebook page hopes to post notices about ALL the events/camps/activities that are offered throughout Virginia for our Scouts to participate in.It is the hope of this Facebook Page that the information contained on it will not be "Council Specific" and thus Councils are not on Members List. In return, this page is attempting to be Positive and must ask that harsh complaints about specific Councils take place outside this page or between individual members. However, Asking questions about Council Events or where to Find Information is always welcomed and encouraged.In the "Files" Section are several documents created to help Leaders, please feel free to add to our Files.If you remember seeing a Post on here, but can not find by scrolling - please use the "search" button and type some keywords from that Post to find it.When Posting "Photos" it is always wonderful if you could include the date and the event.Welcome and we are glad you are here !
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