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Raising money for Lyndsey/Lia Frazier D'Onofrio liver transplant.

Fundraiser for Lia Frazier D'Onofrio by Carlee Frazier ·

My daughter, Lyndsey/Lia went into liver failure on January 14, 2020.
She was air lifted by a Flight for Life helicopter to St. Lukes
Presbyterian Hospital in Denver, CO. As I am writing this she is laying in
her hospital bed. The doctors are still doing tests to understand and figure
out the cause of her liver failure. As soon as she is strong and healthy enough,
she will be moved to the top of the waiting list for a new liver.

Carlee Frazier • January 18, 2020

I am so thankful for everyone’s donation! In a world that is so messed up, it is amazing to see how supportive and caring people really are. As her mom I am so very grateful for each and everyone of you. Tonight, her condition is maybe a smidge better. She is
very alert, but still gravely sick. The doctors are thinking in about 2 weeks she will be strong enough for the liver transplant. Then she will probably wait about 1 week for a
donor. Please keep praying, she is not out of the woods yet! Again, thanks to all of you❤️

Lia Frazier D'Onofrio's photo.
Lia Frazier D'Onofrio
Lives in Vail, Colorado