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Hello .. I have been hacked my Facebook account a month ago, and I have sent to the management of Fa...cebook to clarify the problem, and I sent them my passport to prove my identity, I found a response to my email that I have already resolved the problem of my account on Facebook .. But I sent them that I can not Access to a telephone number in my account on Facebook and therefore can not reset my password, and I also mentioned in my message that my information in my Facebook account there are some errors, for example my name .. and the date of my birth and also my picture that can not be displayed in my file because of my religion It is forbidden to put the image of the female, and I informed them I intended to correct my data on facebook But unfortunately, my account was hacked before I corrected my Facebook data based on my real identity. I also wrote to them that I remember the password I set. I mentioned in my message that the person who hacked my account threatens to publish my photos and family photos.pls help me As soon as possible See More