The warmer months are well and truly here, and so is #TraumaSeason. It’s the most challenging and often dangerous time for wildlife. As many species are on the move in search of water, a friend for mating season and youngsters are beginning to explore, they’re vulnerable to life-threatening injuries. Road traffic is the single biggest cause for injured wildlife admitted to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Please, pay careful attention whilst on the roads and if you find an animal in need, call your local rescue team. For more info on how you can help, visit
Our #WildlifeWarriors are back on Animal Planet next month with the premiere of #CrikeyItsTheIrwins season 2! Who’s excited?! 🥳🐊
Look out! It's #TraumaSeason and our wildlife are about. By slowing down on the roads during dusk and dawn, keeping our pets inside or secure at night and supporting the lifesaving work at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, we can help Australian wildlife survive this challenging and often dangerous time of year. To learn more about what you can do to help, visit: