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Video Transcript
In June 2017, I fought in Singapore against Patchcow. Gosh I've never had two losses in a row in my life and then I was on three and I remember telling my coaches like this isn't an option. I have four like it's not an option. it's not gonna happen. I'm not even letting it be an option. I wanna tell the girls doing live. Let's do this. But once they say it's go time, it's like delicious, get in there and go then and nerves are so high. It's like let's just get those first punches thrown and then let's get this show going so I think I was just anxious to definitely get in there and just fight and make it right, you know and it was one of those times where after three losses that was definitely a make or break and a lot of people's eyes. Holy Hope is not stood. Still since she walked out she was in him back and forth. She is so fired up for this. I can't think of a time when I. More focus and fight upon and she's the type of fighter that no matter what you come with. She's just gonna stop and just throw so you gotta kinda worry about counters and things like that. she has a different kind of style. she almost doesn't mind catching one to land one and I just didn't wanna be in a situation where that was. Gonna happen now this is interested John. I'm not sure whether this is a cautious or attentive hair, but it's almost like she's waiting for Holly Hope to make the first move, which which is a good game plan really because to strike in here, you know it's just kinda feel just feeling for the right time to make the right move. sometimes that doesn't happen right away and you know the the crowd always want something happening right away and sometimes there's actually a purpose behind it sometimes. It can be you hit a Wall. You're telling yourself to go and you're not you're just not doing. We're supposed to be doing. I mean that can happen a lot too. I mean the kick that knocked her out with is actually one that we have been practicing a lot for this fight for that for the bench bite and I think I was gonna go for it. I don't really. I didn't really feel the right time so it was kinda maybe I'll just go low. It's kind of a hesitant one and I thought well. I really wanna sell it yet because like I didn't see the right moment. So I think it was just kinda one of those half in half out type just not really committed strike. I was definitely looking for that kick and we didn't even say anything about it. But when the round came that I actually was like you know what it's open. I can see it right when I was thinking it is when I heard my coach call it and. He comes back. Look out for the preachers don't stop dead in their tracks. It's one of the ones that you practice over and over and you always want it to be clean cut and it was one of those things that she totally she bit on it. You know, I'm not on the bait and sometimes that doesn't happen. maybe they don't buy on it and they blocked the the head cake. It doesn't really you know, but she bit on it pretty hard. So that's why I was able to land which kinda stopped on her butt and I was like wait a minute. okay I don't even know I've never thrown a punch like that, like a bowling ball punch and I remember that kind of being like a a moment that's like that was different. but as soon as they're up in, it was just like yes, like this is what the hard work is. even the losses is not just me still persevering and pushing through the losses. It's the fact that my coaches are still believing in me and encouraging me because you can sit here and say you want it all the time and people start to not take you seriously sometimes when you're not. It's like no, they knew that I was right there and I was ready to take this on and that's huge you know and so that win for me wasn't just it wasn't really for me. It was for like for my team like thank you guys for not giving up on me. You know for always believing in me and you know that you know here we are we got another win left keep on pulling declaring the winner.
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