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Video Transcript
Too long you just standing there, I need a load more for five minutes. you have to beat her up for five minutes. There is no other excellent everything has you have to get on her ass and don't get off of it. You stay inside and you stay in that phone book and you can punch them out of her hand her face. She's not gonna like it. every time you hit her. She goes backwards punch her and don't stop punching her. okay. You have to pick it up close again. you have to fill the gap has been. You have to go you everything you have for five minutes. You can't keep up with it. The moment you touch her in the face. it backs her up. stay on it. Keep your back off the cage. Alright back live Ready to go round Three Aspen We call on the coach. Trevor Whitman Jim West Whoa. Whoa. I get that call from the corner work. That was a motivational speech. We were laughing but look at this. It works and we worked. Wow, that's short left hook came right out, said Let's get to work and boom and now look at the position that she ended up in this is why this girl before that totally get out there don't give her any chance and this is where you want to fight anyway. Right you wanna purchase crushing it with this. Coach Lights a fire under the rear end after round two in Aspen gets the finish and round three. Wow. I was speaking like Coach Smith is something different than us. Yeah right because he thought I was one of the first round was like you gotta beat him up. He was so forward that I didn't quite understand but he knew something we don't know if he knows that she's got more in the tank to go out there and get his fight. Maybe didn't expect this to look like this. Right so we barely even had time to react. We're all talking to Trevor and then boom big left hook dropped it sky and she does not waste any time when you are hurt and ask for that is on top of you and she can ground and pound. She is gonna get the job done. Look at this left hook right on the jaw sits her down and we got another finish on tonight. Alright, DC. you're a spoiled tonight. I hope you're enjoying it. I mean I'm very spoiled. I've been away for a while. Right I I worked all. I didn't work all in November, but I came back to a night of. It's crazy. The grounded pound was phenomenal, but listen to a corner in between rounds everything everyone into the fight. Yeah, I mean I wish we had the audio from in between rounds. Yeah, because they told her they could do going to exactly what she just did. it might have some competition in the form of Jimmy West.