great food and awesome service!! will definitely be back when I visit again
This was definitely a great experience...never had a Shrimp Alfredo omelette. AMAZING. I Went on the... coldest day of the year and didn’t mind. The waitress found out I commuted from Naperville and gave me a cup of joe to go. I finally had Batter & Berries. I’ll be back! Nothing but good food and great conversation with Janelle💋 See More
Mr. Polk let me tell you how it went:

I ordered the french toast flight with scrambled eggs and chi...cken sausage and coffee. I started eating the eggs which were wonderful. Then I had a couple bites of the chicken sausage... More wonderful. Then I tried the lemon french toast.

When I tell you (selah)
That that one forkful of goodness (selah)
Shook me down on the inside (selah)

I asked for a to go tray. I will not let myself eat the french toast flight publicly for the first time. I will be back to eat in the restaurant because the vibe is quite pleasurable. But I need to be alone with your food, sir. Behind closed doors... Where I can holler and shout and dance and cuss and have an experience.

You KNOW what you are doing. I'm about to make commercials! Not that you need the business.

Lastly, I haven't eaten the french toast flight that I bought yet. I am grateful to have it. I know it's there. When I get done with today I am going to sit alone and finish what I started earlier.

And I will be having food delivered quite often until I feel able to sit and eat like a respectable customer and not a fool.

God bless you some more
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French Toast flavor #230...Black Cherry Bourbon Cobbler!!

Dark Sweet Cherries with Bourbon, brown sugar, spices and a hint of chocolate with cinnamon Cobbler Crust!


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